Thursday, August 27, 2009


Taking Barkley for a walk at 10pm and not a human to be found a block in any direction. We pass two cats on their own adventures. Next week the moving trucks will roll in, and on Tuesday's walk I'll have my pick of no worse for the wear furniture. For now they wait at their summer hideaways, and the the ones who stay (who are older and more cautious) stay inside for fear perhaps of the fresh graffiti in front of my house that says:


But with Barkley watching my back I fear no vandal squa squad, so when I should have turned right I turned left. A block further and a group of grad students gathered outside a cafe that had just shut it's doors, taking advantage of the last weeks of warm nights. I turned back at that point, exhausted from a day of meetings and lesson plans and scanning and course websites and trying to squeeze in some last minute dissertating before the real work begins.

On the way home I found a fallen leaf, perfectly yellow. The first of the season.

It's coming.


  1. Yes, fall is definitely coming. Then winter. *sigh*

  2. Fall is a bigger deal for me since I work on an academic schedule...Fall means I start TAing and having 2 weekly department meetings. :/

  3. free furniture? do you not have bedbugs in your city?

  4. i've never taken anything off the street that has any cloth on it, so I don't think i've ever encountered a bedbug. I HAVE encountered a lovely wooden table with 2 matching chairs, a cabinet and several bookcases.


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