Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home, home again. I like to be there when I can.

After a week at the in-laws, 2 days on the road, and an overnight stop at a friend's place, we are now back home. Barkley is back to being normal and quiet, like he never is at other people's houses.

Last night while staying at my friends place, B and I somehow ended up at a pre-production planning meeting for a ghost story investigator show, starring quiet girl's sister as the main ghost story investigator, and my friend who we crashed at last night as one of the back up team. Quiet girl's sister is like a pixie version of quiet girl...they talk the same way and use the same gestures and look very similar, only her sister has a pointy-er face and dreadlocks.

The meeting itself was interesting- they will be investigating local ghost stories, and were coming up with a list of stories they could check out. This devolved into looking at ghost videos on the internet and this dude telling ghost stories about some supposedly haunted paintings at his house (they mysteriously appeared in a crawl space!) and a picture he took of a 'ghost' (it had a weird light in the middle of the picture!). There was a newcomer to the group, who will probably be on a side ghost-investigation team. He was first asked about his views on ghosts (skeptical) and his religious views (raised christian, now agnostic). The key members of the show (2 people on the main 'team' and the producer) clearly believe in ghosts to some extent, and spent a long time discussing the sound equipment they could use so they could pick up 'real' ghost sounds, unlike the other ghost hunting shows, which are clearly faking it and have too much white noise or something.

The meeting took place in the office of this producer, who so far has been a record/music dvd producer but wants to move to tv. They are going to shoot a couple of episodes, his office will do production things to it, and they are going to pitch it to a local tv station as a ghost hunter show specifically investigating local stuff.

Other then that, spent maybe 7 hours on the road yesterday and another 6 hours today. Barkley wasn't bad, I ate a lot of junk food, and very happy to be home and putting stuff back in order. We brought basically all our clothes to my in-laws to do laundry (hey, I'm still a student!) so I have to hang up a stuff, but I'm leaving that till tomorrow. We unpacked most of the other stuff and put it all away. Realized we left one of our gifts at the in-laws...oh well, we'll get that in a half a year or so I guess.


  1. I had to resist saying: "There's an easy way to see if there are ghosts. Kill yourself."

  2. So you think religion and belief in God is stupid, but you're willing to discuss the possibility of there being ghosts? You're ok about hanging out with people who believe in ghosts? That's all good?



    Don't atheists by definition reject the supernatural?

  3. webgirl- I don't believe in ghosts, I went to this meeting because the person we were crashing at had a meeting that night and asked us to come along. I kept my skepticism to myself out of respect for being a guest at another person's meeting (although quite a few people there were also skeptics, and where approaching this from a "lets prove all these ghost stories wrong" perspective).

    But really, it was just an interesting experience. Kinda like going to catholic mass in italy was an interesting experience, but I don't believe jesus was the son of god. And going to a zen temple was interesting, but I don't believe meditating and being hit with sticks brings you enlightenment. I like experiencing other cultures and meeting people with different beliefs than I have, especially when they are talking about those beliefs. After all, I AM a sociologist. :)

    Of course I'm 'willing' to hang out with them, I'm willing to hang out with all sorts of people whose beliefs I don't agree with. In fact (*gasp*) I even have close friends who are religious and believe in god! :)


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