Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For the first time since I married B my birthday(yesterday) was acknowledged by all members of my immediate family!

Got a text message from my mom, and both my brothers. (After sending my mom a text message for her birthday a few weeks ago). My dad wrote on my facebook wall and left a voicemail singing happy birthday while we were out seeing Bridesmaids.

Last year I got an email 2 days after my birthday from my dad and nothing from my mom or youngest brother, and 2 years ago (right after I got married) I got nothing at all from all 3. (the middle brother-the otd one- always acknowledges my birthday)

So yeah, I guess I count this as progress.

Meanwhile, I'm 29, which is officially my idea of a 'grown up' age. I've graduated, I'm married, I have a job and I own a house. So when am I supposed to start feeling like a grown up?


  1. Congrats and...please never start feeling like a grownup! Keeps you younger ;)

  2. I don't know but let me know when you do.

  3. I know that you don't believe in this stuff, but this is the beginning of the Return of Saturn.

  4. When you have kids and no longer understand pop culture references...

  5. >When you have kids and no longer understand pop culture references...


    OH MY GOD.....

    I'm a grown up.....

  6. Happy Birthday! Your family is making progress, maybe next year they'll send actual birthday cards!


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