Thursday, January 12, 2012

Five years

Five years ago today I met my awesome husband B. Happy anniversary to us! :)


  1. Happy anniversary!

    My wife & I just had our 10th anniversary of meeting too.

  2. happy anniversary Philo! Question- would you say that people think of 5 year/10 year anniversaries as more important than other interim anniversaries in contemporary society? Because I just argued that in a journal article I just resubmitted to my publisher and I'm kinda second guessing myself...but I think it is true...

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    p.s. in answer to your question to Philo: I think so.

  4. The psychopath is right. We have a base 10 system because of the number of fingers. So multiples of 10 or 5 seem more significant. And 25 because it's 1/4 of 100. Humans like patterns.

  5. happy aniversary to u and many more years to go


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