Friday, April 6, 2012

Erev Pesach call

Turns out it did happen, right on schedule, my dad called me from florida this afternoon for one of his regular phone calls (erev pesach, my birthday and erev rosh hashana every year)...actually when I picked up I thought it was B who had just gone out to get some groceries so that we can make our bacon covered cadbury eggs/matza balls and also have some nice cookouts today and over the weekend (I have today off from work for Good Friday). I've never had bacon with chocolate before either, so we've decided to try one each of a bacon covered regular cadbury egg and a caramel cadbury egg in addition to our bacon covered matza ball experiment. Also going to have bacon wrapped asparagus cause hey, it's spring.

And once we were slaves (to religion) but now we are free, and it's my family tradition to celebrate our freedom at this time of the year.

Talked to my dad for about 15 minutes and then to my mom for another 15 minutes. The kind of phone calls I used to get every erev pesach before I met B, where we catch up for a few minutes and my parents politely ask if I'm going to a seder and I awkwardly say I'm not. I told my dad I'm making matza ball soup, slight fib there (didn't think telling him my true plan to make bacon covered matza balls would be very nice).

I told my mom I had called her on Monday night and she was completely surprised and was like "What? you called me? That's impossible I didn't see it!" So that makes me feel a whole lot better. My dad also apologized for not telling me about the funeral and said he forgot about it in the rush to run around and get to the funeral the day after it happened, and that he himself didn't find out about it until late the night before and he had to rush around and rearrange some work things.

I guess I've been hurt by them so many times before that I can't help but have my guard up, but it looks like they are genuinely interested in having a semi-normal relationship again. :)


  1. Your bacon covered every thing makes me laugh; you can't go wrong with either bacon or butter. Or cheese, too, for that matter.

    I so enjoy following your story. Way too late now, but it's exactly what my Irish grandmother should have done about her religion.

    Enjoy everything.

  2. So glad things are getting better between you & your family. BTW, I always used to comment on your blog as Dash Ripoff. :)
    Victor Hill

  3. Its great that your family is reaching out to you :-)

    Let us know how the bacon matzo balls come out please :p

  4. im happy im back didnt read ur blog for a while but i really missed it how was the becan

    i didt sit by a seder and hated it but what can i do


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