Sunday, June 17, 2012

A reunion!

For the first time in around 5 years my entire "family of origin" was just in the same room, and when they left my mom had a copy of Deborah feldman's unorthodox in her hand (which someday I want to write a review of). Real update when I get home


  1. Hello. I read the previous comment this morning, tried to write what I think and eventually moved on, speechless. I had to come back.

    Follow your conscience. You are making a happy life. I am sorry you are still pursued by a man with an agenda.

  2. Great for you! I know that you have longed for some family reunification and validation of yourself and your life's path.I am genuinely happy you were able to have a reunion.
    On another note, I refuse to entertain the crackpots in my life, might I suggest you do the same?

  3. JP: Happy to inform you that I informed Google about your post on homosexuality. That was pure hate speech.

  4. "As far as being pursued goes, I'M the victim. Jewish heretics have contacted my wife, my rabbi, my employer, law enforcement officials, child protection services, Google and others to make complaints. I have also received violent threats. In addition most Jewish heretic bloggers do not allow me to comment on their blogs, although I welcome their comments on my blog."

    oh boo hoo you're such a victim. And might I point out that I've personally done exactly none of those things to you, I've contacted no one, I've made no violent threats, and I allow you to comment on my blog even though you blatantly lie constantly- for instance, when you say you welcome comments on your own blog which we all know is censored cause you're a whiney child who can't handle any criticism. Boo hoo. Such a 'victim'.


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