Tuesday, August 27, 2013

C is one month old!

C turned 1 month old yesterday! We all survived the first month!  She can now hold her head up on her own, sleep for 5 hours in a row (rarely), turn onto her side, smile, make noises that sound like zombies and michael jackson and a billy goat, and find her mouth with her hand.  This past week we introduced her to pacifiers (She loves), bottles (I love for when we are going out) and a baby bathtub (she had sponge baths before this week because her belly button hadn't fallen off). We went to quite a few restaurants this week with my MIL and she behaved great. She is generally pretty chill except between the hours of 4am-10am when she makes zombie noises while I'm trying to sleep. As of today we are officially retiring her newborn clothing, and she is wearing 0-3 month size instead.

My mother in law came to visit for almost a week and left this morning, and my parents were here this weekend too. More on that later.  My brother and his live-in girlfriend are coming this weekend, and after that we are finally done with visitors for a while and maybe we can start having more of a normal routine.


  1. Some grandma knit that pretty white dress. Lovely baby, lovely dress.

  2. Her great aunt ( my aunt) made the white dress :)

  3. OMG she's very cute and you guys all look great. I forgot about the parade of visitors with the first baby - yes, you'll appreciate the time to yourselves when you eventually get it.

  4. I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a couple years and these beautiful pics made me want to say hi and congratulations. I hope for all the best for your family. Calliope is a very lucky and beautiful little girl.

  5. wow wow how cute may u enjoy her and see lots of nachas lol
    thats so exciting that ur aving guest and that ur parents came for a visit
    and both of u look great enjoy ur little girl


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