Thursday, August 23, 2007

2006 part 2

date was blah
we went toget indian buffet and then to the anarchist bar and then watched a zombie movie at my place. he is cute but not jewish, and also kinda boring.
also i am slightly drunk.

anyone know a jewish quirky guy in the area who is not a douchebag? Cause i would sure like to meet him...

last night i went to rosh hashana conservative services, a jew dinner, and a demography party.

[long list of stuff about my dad that pissed me off]...when i told my parnets i'm not religious, becuase i hated living a lie all the time, my dad just told me it was a teenage rebellion bullshit that i would get over (i was 22 at the time). when i told him my roommate might be moving in, he was like "IF YOU LIVE WITH A GUY EVERYONE WILL THINK YOUR SLEEPING WITH HIM" And you know what? I don't forgive him for any of those things. I just try to forget them for the sake of not fighting with my dad. And then he wonders why i don't call him every day.

New Years/ Yom Kippur Resolutions
I'm not sure if I believe in god, I barely made it through last night fasting and then gave up, but I most certainly believe in taking the time out once in a while to re-evaluate the way I treat my fellow human beings, and see if I can't improve on that. See, I think if there is a god sitting up there in heaven somewhere, s/he isn't sitting up there looking down and hating on people who eat pigs or drive on saturday. That vision of god sounds awfully petty to me. But I believe in god as a collection of life that's happening in the world, and I believe if there is this collection of life, it matters what I am putting out there. Am i actively working to improve my own and other people's lives, or am I being a negative hole that sucks all the goodness out of the world? I'm some of both depending on the day, but I've been trying to be more of the first then the second.

So here is a list of some things I;ve been working on and want to continue working on in the future:

1. Be kinder to other nice things even when i have to go out of my way
2. Be a positive influence on the world. Work on upping my karma points
3. Be more forgiving of other people's mistakes and flaws
4. Less crankiness
5. Less snarkiness
6. Remember to love myself, since i'm awesome :)
7. Try not to be so damn awkward when I meet new people so they don't get insulted cause they think I'm standoffish or cold or a bitch
8. see more of the good in everything and everyone
9. be happy and appreciate what I have
10. more hugs!
that seems to be it for 2006...but stay tuned for 2007, when i start dating a not-jewish guy and all hell breaks loose!
oh and no new posts until at least monday, since i'll be at phan phest until then :)

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