Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reply from dad

Hi Abandoning Eden,

Friday sounds good. You are on my calendar. We should probably look to
meet up at about Noon. I will ask my friends that work in New York if there
is a restaurant nearby. As soon as I hear about that I will get back to you again.

I think I have a better chance of getting Mom there with me if we just meet
with you.

More later...


So I guess that's his polite way of saying no on the meeting B thing. Sad face.

Well, at least I tried.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Here's what you can do, though. Pick a kosher restaurant near the hotel and, if B is willing, have him waiting for your call. If your mom doesn't come after all, you can strongly urge your dad to meet B and if your dad gives in, call B on his cell and ask him to come down.

    Of course, that requires a great deal of patience on B's part, but he sounds like a great guy who is willing to go to great lengths to make you happy.

    You can say to your dad something like "I would really like you to meet such an important person in my life, he's just a few minutes away, and don't worry, I won't assume that you accept him as my significant other for life just because you agree to him, it'll just be a casual hello."

    Knowing your dad only by your posts I obviously have no idea if that would work, but maybe it's worth a try!

  2. I disagree with yehudi. The casual meeting will be anything but casual. Most likely it'll be really awkward and geared toward ignoring the obvious elephant in the room.

    That said, my cousin sprang his non-jewish girlfriend on his parents and they basically had to accept her. He told that bringing her home was huge in terms of giving his parents' fear a human face. They are married with a kid now.

  3. well honestly, I think the mom thing is an excuse- me and my dad never talked about having my mom come to lunch with us, it was supposed to be just me and him meeting up. So that's basically his polite way of saying "no".

    If he does change his mind and comes alone, my bf will be back at our hotel which is about a 10 minute subway ride from the conference hotel.

    I don't think trying to convince him last minute will work with my dad's the type that if you want him to make a quick decision, he starts freaking out because he feels backed into a corner. It just would not go down well.

    Oh well. I think i'm coming to accept the fact that my parents will not be meeting B any time soon. But that's not going to stop me from being with him, and it's actually kind of nice to not have to deal with them (with previous jewish boyfriends, my parents always have freaked out and thought they weren't religious enough/good enough/etc anyways and have started talking shit about them whenever i talked to them...i think it's actually kinda nice that the only "bad" thing they can say about B is that he's not jewish. cause I don't care about that)

    But in good news, my little brother and his new girlfriend are meeting up with us for dinner at some point while we are there! So at least one person in my family is cool. :)


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