Thursday, November 27, 2008

I spent the night with a lady, and now I'm in love

Me and B have been thinking about getting a dog, specifically a beagle. His sister just got a beagle named Penny a few months ago, and brought Penny with her to our Thanksgiving hotel, in Joliet Illinois. After listening to B's sister talk about how much work is involved (she has to take her dog for a walk four times a day! and one of those is a 45 minute walk! ), I'm not so sure we should get one until we move and have a fenced in yard or something.

Penny spent the night cuddling with me to try and change my mind. She didn't leave my side all night, not even to go sleep with B's sister in the next bed over. (B is sharing a room with his parents, since we're not married and all)

I think it's working, cause she is so adorable I kinda want to dognap her and take her home with me. She's lying next to me right now, snoring away. So adorable!


  1. Nothing like the unconditional love and cutenesss of a dog. I do recommend, however, that you wait till you have a house or know where you will be working/living next year before you get one. They require can require a lot of time and attention. Some types of dogs are better than others for apartments/condos. Unfortunately, as cute as they are Beagles tend to be real howlers/barkers so you don't want any neighbors nearby if you decide to go with a beagle.

  2. Good advice from Anonymous. I would add that every dog can pinpoint the real sucker in a group and charm the hell out of them for their evil purposes, which would be adoption and endless treats and cuddles.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Anonymouse knows his/her beagles well - they are notorious howler/barkers!
    You could end up in a house with a fenced yard next year, which would make dog ownership a lot more effortless.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. They are right. Beagles can be yappy, howling, terribly ornery things. Personally, I've only met disagreeable ones.

  5. well this dog has barked only once in the last day and a half, and she is totally quiet and awesome.

    Yeah, we're probably not getting one till we get a house :)

  6. If you don't have the time to give to a dog (it is like having a 3 year old) then it is unfair to the animal. Dogs give a lot of love but it takes a huge committment on the part of their master.

    BTW, I loved the title of your post. Was it Freudian??

  7. dogs rock. beagles are a breed that need lots of long walks. perhaps a more sedentary one would suit your lifestyle, if you do go doggie.
    adorable that you and b. are in separate rooms. :)


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