Wednesday, November 19, 2008

rut students found my facebook!

Apparently, even if you set "photo's that are tagged of you" to be friends-only, that doesn't set the actual photos you post yourself to be friends-only.

As I discovered, when a student of mine came up to me on Monday night and was all "I saw your facebook profile, I can't believe you had dreadlocks! Mad respect!"

Later that day, another student of mine (who is friends with the first one) friended me on facebook. After some thought and editing of my profile, I added her back. Why not? There's only 2 weeks left to the semester. If something goes horrible wrong, that's just lessons learned for next time.

Yesterday I found that student #2 had sent me a lovely facebook message, that just totally made my day.

The best
You are teaching, by far, the best class I have had all semester-- Not a night goes by with out something hilarious happening and it actually helps me to remember things! You should here the pow-wows that go on before you arrive!!!

So it seems this facebook-friending thing is working out in my favor. :)


  1. i know i dont have to tell you this but be careful! teachers are getting fired over simply having pictures of themselves with a cocktail on their sites. you guys are supposed to be saints, right?

  2. well right now i'm an adjunct, and just teaching this one class...and i'm planning on graduating and never teaching here again. Also that teacher who got hired was a high school teacher or something like that, no? I haven't heard of any tenure track profs being fired over a picture of them with a cocktail...

    None of the pictures have any alcohol or drugs or nakedness or public drunkeness or anything in them. Just me in dreadlocks, which can lead people to infer things that may or may not be true.

  3. Seriously, mad props. I'm totally envious of the dreads.

  4. I cut them off when I started teaching a few years ago. :( Definitely fun times though...

  5. If not for my state legislature job I would have had dreads- man was I pissed when I had to cut my shoulder length thick hair.

    You can always close your facebook profile to search but then your old friends who want to use you for free textbooks cant get to you.

  6. Why are you surprised that they found you? Unlike us in the blogosphere, they know your name and can easily search for you.

  7. SO why don't you post some pics of yourself and B here. We know what your cats look like but not you and your beau.

    BTW, if that one pic, you look cute!

  8. that IS a picture of me :)

    Generally, cause I prefer to remain anonymous. But once in a while I will post pics for a short period of time (I take them down after a few weeks though)

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