Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy anniversary to me and b!

Today marks 2 years since B and I got married! Also, one year since I graduated, one year since my parent's met B, and one year since I last saw my parents.

We already celebrated our anniversary by going to see Bill Maher a few weeks ago (which was our gift to each other). But today I'm taking off from work, we're going out to Mellow Mushroom (fancy pizza chain) for lunch, and we have filet minons defrosting in the fridge for dinner. Maybe we will grill it on our new grill. :)

Last week my brother and his girlfriend and then my inlaws came to visit. It was awesome to have visitors cause we did a whole bunch of touristy stuff and tried out a whole bunch of new restaurants- so it was like a week of vacation without leaving home.

In garden news, my peas are flowering and one mini pea is starting to grow! My zucchini plants got pretty wiped out because of hard rains a few days after they got put in the ground, but one plant survived. I planted peppers and basil in the ground and some in pots. One of the pots I used was one that had no plants and was sitting on the side of the house (from the previous owner) but now that I've planted a pepper in it, a few morning glories are starting to grow too (not surprising,since the side of the house it came from has tons of morning glories- they're annuals, but they reseed themselves- and IIRC a bunch of the flowers were right over where this pot was sitting)). So I put that pot next to the deck railing so the morning glories can grow up the railing, and then after this year maybe they will reseed themselves into the ground under the deck, so I can have morning glories on BOTH sides of my house! :)

Back row- flowering peas
middle row- dead zucchini, basil, live zucchini
front row- pepper, cilantro, pepper, dill, pepper
around the edges- red onions


  1. Happy anniversary, Ms. Eden! I am glad to see that you two are thriving and growing lovely things together.

  2. Happy anniversary, mazal tov and congratulations!

    I certainly can't join you in growing or eating cilantro, but I definitely approve of your other produce - especially zukes!

  3. Happy Anniversary. It will be 5 years before you know it, then 8. And I still see Jase as if he were 27, and he sees me as I was when I was 19.I don't really write about love, because what else can be said thar has not been said already or won't sound trite? All I know is that I believe in it.


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