Friday, May 27, 2011

An OTD meetup!

Earlier this week I was in DC for a Census workshop, and had the privilege of meeting Ms. Boxed Whine, another OTD blogger. She told me I was an 'old school' OTD blogger, which is funny, since I think of this as my *new* blog still (I've been blogging here for 4 years and at my 'old blog' for nearly 11 years).

I suppose many OTD blogs have come and go in the last 4 years (and I consider orthoprax bogs to be a subset of the OTD blogosphere), and mine is a lot less active now that my life is a lot less dramatic (in the religious realm) compared to when I first started dating B and when we were engaged. There's been some new blogs lately like Sitting on a fence and I hope other OTD blogs will be created too. Lurkers: come forth and tell your stories! And if you are a new OTD blogger trying to get more readers, let me know and I will spread the word!

Also I was thinking it would be nice to have an OTD/orthoprax blogroll, the way I have an atheist blogroll that is up on my sidebar. But I have no idea how to go about making such a thing. Anyone?

Meanwhile I have plans to visit NYC in August 2013 for the American Sociological Association Conference, and now that I've met one person in real life who came from this blog, I'm thinking it would be awesome to meet with more of you. And I know lots of you live in the NY area. So let's make a date for 2 years from now ya'll! :)


  1. So that explains the spike in my stats :)

  2. Lovely picture ladies!

    And here's for a helluva confession: I never had AE in my blogroll. Can you believe that? Anyway, you are now in my kofer blogroll, AE!

  3. UK- it's all good, every once in a while I will come across a blog and be like "Wait I thought I had that on my blogroll years ago!"

    But what I would really like is a blogroll like the one you have, but where anyone could put a link in their blog sidebar and the whole OTD/kofer blogroll would appear. The way the atheist blogroll used to be (although I think something happened to it lately and it's not really working as a blogroll anymore).

  4. Hey AE; will take it upon myself to look for a way to create such a blogroll!


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