Monday, January 21, 2008


you may have noticed my lack of posts after a brief glut of posts...some commentator noticed that I have an academic schedule, and that I suddenly started posting during winter break. Well they were right, it was winter break..and now the semester has started. This semester I'm teaching a night class and I'm trying to get my shit together re: my dissertation proposal so that I can defend the proposal sometime in march or april. And in a week and a half I'm presenting my preliminary proposal to all the people in my department who study family and gender! (like 20) Ack! Also, for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to audit an advanced methods course this semester. And I always have my ongoing research projects, and am giving a conference presentation at the end of February.

So yeah, all that is to say, I'm pretty busy these days...busy enough to not have much time to think/write about things that are not my research. In fact, even my other blog- my every day just talking about stuff that happened blog- is now just lists of things I need to get done in the near future. So I probably won't be posting so much for the next few months. I will of course continue to check other people's blogs occasionally, cause I always need short breaks, and blog readings fit perfectly into those. :)

I might as well give a brief update I guess...In relationship news, me and B celebrated our one year anniversary a week or two ago. :) And in family news, my dad got some third rabbi degree thing, where he now specializes in 3 rabbi things (I'm not clear on the details here, but I think he gets one of these every few years, where he learns the info for some specialization and then takes a rabbi test. It's like a rabbi correspondence course..except it's sanctioned by some important rabbis in israel according to him. who knows). He (along with most of the rest of my family) is now in Israel, visiting my little brother who is doing his year there, and going to his rabbi graduation thingy. Also I realize I haven't talked to my mother since my brother's graduate which was around a month ago.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Guess who's out of jail?

It's my favorite child molester, Baruch Lanner!! He got out on parole last week.

Now, no, I was never molested by him. But he did kick my ex in the balls once. And I saw him around a lot. But I was one of the "bad kids" in NCSY who didn't have too much contact with the actual leaders of NCSY, since I was always out front hanging out with the public school kids who were smoking cigarettes or whatever it was that made them bad.