Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I graduated. B met my parents. Everyone survived.

So yesterday was somewhat momentous....I officially graduated with my PhD in sociology and demography, it was my one year anniversary with B, and B met my parents at graduation!

I wasn't actually there for most of the meeting. In the morning I walked over to campus (in my cool doctor robes, which was fun- lots of people I walked pasr said congrats!) and met up with all the other graduates, including a couple from my program. We all marched through the entire campus, to the football field, where all the parents and family people were waiting. My department's secretaries threw a bunch of confetti on me when I passed them. :)

Meanwhile, B and my parents and my brother met up in the audience, without me. I saw them when I marched past them into the football stadium...my brother sat between my parents and B. According to B they made some small talk, my mom barely looked at him the entire time, and only spoke directly to him once- when B said something about how lucky I am to have gotten a job in this terrible market, and my mom apparently was all "it's not luck, she had publications even when she was an undergrad and she's really smart!" So apparently my mom is proud of me after all. :) Just wish she would say something like that to me ever...it seems all we can do is snark at each other these days.

Meanwhile they made some small talk, B restrained himself from making any offensive jokes, and then we all met up for all of 20 minutes after the first graduation ceremony (because the second graduation was an hour after the first one and it took a while for us to find each other). My parents walked us to the second ceremony area where I was all "there are my inlaws!" when I saw them in the front row of the tent for the second ceremony (my in laws only came to the second smaller ceremony), and my mom made a face, so I didn't press for them to meet each other.

But anyways, it happened! My parents have met my husband after 3 and a half years of us being together and exactly a year after we got married! Nobody died! My brother's curse has not been fulfilled! I mentioned something about that curse to my parents and they were all "that rabbi was a charletan!" I was very proud of myself for just staying quiet and refraining from saying "and the other ones aren't?"

I probably shouldn't have brought up the curse thing at all, but I'm just so awkward around my parents now..we really have nothing to talk about, cause the only interaction we've had for the past 3 years is like them trying to convince me that I shouldn't be with my husband. I did show them pictures of my new house during our 20 minutes though and my parents told me they were proud of me, which was cool.

The second ceremony was even better, we got to hear about this astrophysics guy talk about the joy of research and then they called my name and gave me a fake diploma! The real one arrives in July or so...but as of yesterday my transcript now says I've been awarded a doctor of philosophy!! :) I finally got to send my transcript out to my new job so they can give me an official official contract (instead of a less official job offer letter), cause the job offer was contigent on me finishing my degree.

My in laws flew in for that second ceremony which was totally awesome of them. :) My in-laws and my brother and I also went to this southern restaurant for dinner on Sunday, since ever since I was down south a couple of weeks ago and my real estate agent took me out to local southern food places for lunch almost every day we were there, I have gotten crazy southern food cravings. I LOVE southern food! The food at this place was pretty good, but I had cheesy grits on the side and they just weren't the same as they are down south....they were like pureed so it was like smooth grits pudding, but I like the chunkier type of grits you get down south that have some texture to them. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait a couple more months until I can have real grits again...and then I can have them all the time, yay!

Anyways my parents aren't BFFs with B now, and I doubt they will come to visit us down south, at least not for a good long time (maybe till we have kids as everyone keeps saying, but that won't be for a few years yet), but the ice is broken! They have finally met each other! I no longer can say my parents have never met my husband! Yay!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost here...

So, on Monday it is mine and B's one year wedding anniversary. Which means that if B doesn't die or leave me by Monday, my brother's rabbi's prediction that within a year B will either convert, we will break up, or he will die, will be proven false.

Also, Monday is my graduation.

Also, my parents are coming to my graduation. As is B. As are my in-laws, but they won't be meeting my parents (there are two graduations, my parents are going to one and they are going to the other). But B will be meeting my parents. For the first time. My brother will be there too, and since he is a big scary guy used to dealing with criminals I am hoping that if my parents start doing something crazy (like trying to fulfill that rabbi's prediction) he will be there to intervene. Since I'll be off graduating and all.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're buying a house!!

I've been down in *southern state we are moving to for my job* for the past week looking at houses, and I found a house that is AWESOME, and we are now under contract to buy this house!! We will be closing on July 15th!! This house is great- and here's some pictures of its awesomeness:

Master bedroom suite

The other side of that room

Master bathroom- Shower

Master bathroom- crazy awesome bubble bath



another bedroom that will probably be an office for now

living room

It also has a pretty big backyard that is mostly fenced- just need to add a gate at one end and it'll be great for Barkley to run around in.

I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!! I can't believe I get to own a house as awesome as this one!!! And we can actually afford it too, yay the south!!!