Wednesday, April 8, 2009

is it pesach tonight?

I just made some rice crispies treats...and I'm about to start making greek pasta salad for tomorrow (it needs to live overnight in the fridge). Also, I did not bless the sun. Apparently that's some kind of big deal and only happens once every 27 years.

Pesach was always my least favorite holiday. I got invited to a 'feminist reconstructionist seder' on Friday night (apparently there is a newish trend among the non-orthodox of having the seder on the weekend so that far-away family members can attend). I briefly considered going because it is being hosted by a professor that I love/has really good connections...but then remembered that I don't have to participate in religious affairs if I don't want to. Also I have a party that night I'd rather go to.

As some of you will be saying tonight- "We were slaves but now we are free."

Otherwise, not a lot to write about, as things haven't been very dramatic lately. It's weird...last year after getting engaged and as my family drama unfolded, this stuff was preoccupying me all the time. I was upset about my parents nearly every day and it seemed like I was talking about it all the time, and sometimes probably inappropriately (this stuff is just TMI for casual acquaintances, no?).

But time heals all wounds...and after a few months of family members trying to convince me not to get married earlier this year, things seem to have quieted down on their end as well. The calm before the storm? Or maybe now that the invitations have gone out (including one to my parents, who didn't bother to RSVP no), they realize that it's too late? I hope it's the latter

Only a little over 5 weeks until the wedding! I'm pretty much done with planning things, except for a few odds and ends. Other then that, life is pretty awesome. B is great, Barkley is great, the kitties are great, life in general is great. My new netbook is also great, and I've transferred over all my stuff- I need to rebuild my wedding music playlist from scratch, but that's not too bad. Now all I need to do is stop procrastinating and write this book review that I need to give to the journal's editors on Monday. At least I can work from home again, now that my laptop doesn't randomly turn off every 2 minutes! :)


  1. My family does the fastest seder on record. My mom basically feels guilty that all of her children are atheists so she puts on these pseudo holiday gatherings so at least she has an excuse to get us all to come to her house. I have compromised by writing a seder that lasts about 20 minutes. My cousins get pissed off that it's not more traditional but they're also the ones who stop at In n' Out burger on the way home so, whatever.

    On the wedding, I hope you are enjoying every moment of the planning! It's going to be a great day and it's going to be what you wanted which is such an incredible thing to have and definitely not to be taken for granted!!!

  2. And many of the more vocal people who used to leave comments have moved on as well.
    Regarding the weddintg - the day will go by so fast - one minute you'll be doing your hair and makeup (or someone will be doing this for you), the next minute - if you'll be dancing to Donna Summer's "Last Dance."
    At least that's how my daughter's wedding day went.
    Now my son's wedding (shotgun variety) - well, that's a different story!

  3. I don't know what a sedar is. I'd never even heard of such. Huh. Of course, I don't practice any religion, so that sort of leaves me out of the loop on these things.

    I hope your heart rests well and you find all you need in your new life & marriage. Best of luck to you.

  4. Clearly, you are a slave yo your past!

  5. Why do you have to rub it in? What are you trying to prove, and to whom?

    We know you don't observe Pesach, or any other Jewish events (though Christian secularised ones are OK).

    We know you've left the Jewish community and that you don't think that you owe your parents anything.

    So why do you have to stress to yourself and the world that you're cooking pasta?

    Or, to be blunt, why do you hate Judaism and the Jewish community so much?


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