Wednesday, April 15, 2009

talked to dad

so my dad called yesterday to thank me for sending him a 'happy birthday' text message on sunday. Updated me on random family things, and then was all "so, are you still going forward with your plans for next month?" Which somehow resulted in me telling him the wedding plans in detail, including about the ceremony we are planning (Which will include no religion of any kind). And then we said good night.

I turned in a book review on Monday night that I've been working on for maybe 2 months (not very hard, but I read both the books in small bits over a long period of time, and I read them twice). So it's nice to have that off my plate, and it'll also be nice to have another publication on my CV, even though book reviews don't really count for much of anything. I really liked the way it came out though- I think I had some insightful things to say about the books, and since it was for a feminist-oriented journal, I actually got to say fun things like "the personal was indeed political" and "essentialist differences" and "consciousness raising" and I also got to talk about my own standpoint, which most journals don't stand for, but which this journal encourages (based on about 10 past book reviews that I looked at).

I'm now done with most of my major deadlines for this semester, except that I have one more conference presentation to give in about 2 weeks. But I am co-authoring that paper, and my co-author is actually doing most of the work for the presentation. A week after that I'm going to an all-weekend really tiny music festival on a farm (maybe 300 people will be there) which is serving as my bacholorette party. And a week after that is the wedding! Since I spent every waking hour this weekend working on my book review, I'm taking a few days off and doing some wedding odds and ends...about to go off to the thrift store to buy more plates for the reception, later maybe will finish up the center pieces. Don't really have much to do at this point except wait.

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  1. Just wanted to wish you a fab wedding. I'm formerly orthodox too...and a feminist, so I really enjoy reading your blog. My folks didn't come to my wedding either...and it was still one of the best days of my life! Be strong and choose love!


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