Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jury Duty

I have it.

What the crap is with this "meet at the courthouse at 8:15" crap anyways?



  1. That's way too early.

    Must be hard, jury duty. I always think it's a terribly important thing to be doing, but too weighty to even contemplate.

  2. I only had jury duty once, of course in downtown KC. I had to pay for parking and sit next to a smelly drunk in the too crowded jury pool room. Ugh. You have my sympathy.

  3. didn't end up getting called for a jury at all...just sat around for hours. Fun times!

  4. Sounds like a power walk rather then court

  5. i have jury duty too! but we had to meet at 8:30... and then they sent us all home at noon until tomorrow because it's such a slow day that they didn't need any juries!


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