Monday, July 27, 2009


A commenter calling themselves SatmarWhore had this to say about my husband getting in a car accident: "Too bad the fuck didn't die!"

I hope for the sake of satmar people that this self identified satmer whore is not indeed part of their religion, although sadly it would not surprise me if she was.

You know, my best friend in high school was Satmer (a Hassidic sect for those of you not down on the lingo). In my MO high school, we got along well becuase we were both outcasts in the school - her for being too religious (although she had been kicked out of more religious schools for her outspokenness), me for not being religious enough. It was an odd pairing, and we disagreed on many things, but she was the only person from my school that I kept in touch with after high school, and I know she would never wish death on another human being, no matter what their religious preferences.

At times, it helps me to remind myself that there are people like her, and that not all religious people are represented by the cuntloafs who hang out on the internets wishing death on random people's husbands. Because there are way too many religious people out there, and if they all were like this particular one, we would all be sunk.

As for you, satmar whore, I have this old yiddish curse my grandfather taught me:
May you grow like an onion, with your head in the ground and your feet in the air!


  1. Well, you don't know what's behind it. A normal satmar girl/woman
    1) would perhaps not even have access to internet
    2) would not take the word "whore" in her mouth
    3) and even less refer to herself as such.

    So either it is a complete hoax by someone who has nothing to do with satmar, or it is someone who feels quite dissatisfied in the Satmar community.

    Which does not exclude that "true Satmarer" could make comments like the one she made. but in this case, I think this is a person with a problem of some kind.

  2. I saw it too. This is awful.
    I actually have a great idea that I'll blog about tomorrow. This nonsense has to stop.

  3. She (or he) wasn't worth the time it took you to post this. Even if it only took you 15 seconds.

  4. The freaks that lurk on the internet...

  5. that comment just filled me with rage, and I felt the need to express that rage. :)

    really I just wanted an excuse to use "cuntloaf" in a blogpost :)

  6. Oh. Missed the "cuntloaf" comment the first time around. To get to use that word once in your life, definitely worth the time it took to write the post :)

  7. Stick that loaf up her cunt, AE! :P

    Seriously, I love it when you use curse words.

    A special heartfelt laugh on your grandfather's 'may you grow like an onion'! LOL!

  8. PS Do you have a Faacebook account? I am reachable on Chatzkaleh Darebel.

  9. I noticed "cuntloaf" :)

  10. Who didn't? We all grew up to be well-behaved frum robots, so these words automatically trigger the good old 'oy vey' gut reaction.

  11. Jewishrebel- that's why those type of words are effective, cause we're socialized to think they are bad. :)

    I'm a fan of cursing where appropriate. :)

  12. That's disgusting of him/her - but HA HA! Cuntloaf! That's excellent, I will try to use that at my next available opportunity.

    And even though I don't know you, I sincerely hope your husband is recovering well!


  13. That's so messed up. Satmars called my dad an apikores, back in the late '70s. That hurt his feelings a lot. It's a messed up world. As for B, I hope he's feeling better ... bis 120!

  14. I'm not going to launch into a whole "there are good frum Jews/there are bad frum Jews/there are psychotic frum Jews" litany, because I'm sure you're smart enough to figure that out by now. The fact that she calls herself a whore should tell you that she's a few sandwiches short of a picnic. She's obviously not representative of anything but her own disturbed self. If your husband was hurt in the accident, I hope he has a refuah shelaymah.

  15. So I'm not Satmar or a whore. Though I would like to try some cuntloaf. Sounds real tasty.

    You're entitled to shack-up with a sheigetz, fuck said sheigetz, and have uncircumcised jewish babies with him.

    I am entitled to air my opinions.


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