Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hush puppy meltdown (Originally posted July 22nd, 2012)

This new super low carb diet is killing me...went out to eat at my favorite bbq place (which we always do when we go to run the errand we ran today) and instead of a bbq sandwich with sweet tea I got a bbq platter (no bread) with water. Only the platter came with a bunch of hush puppies on top! I loooooove those hush puppies but they are 100% carbs and that Dr. saying "Every time you have something bready you're lowering your chance of ever getting pregnant" kept ringing in my ears. I managed to resist eating any of them but having to give up my absolute favorite food in the world (and having it right in front of my face and having to throw it away) was too much...I had to leave as soon as I was done eating and started getting all weepy in the car on the way home. And then started flipping out and yelling at B about how he wouldn't take an alcoholic to a bar 2 days after they quit drinking so wtf is wrong with him suggesting we go to this place (Even though we just went there like we always do when we run this errand, as a matter of routine). And yes I know bbq sauce has some carbs.

I've been weepy on and off since Friday actually. I bet the hormones I have to take now to start up my period aren't helping with any of this either. Still no sign of that, but it's only been 3 days and the lady said I might not get my period until a few days until after I finish taking 10 days of these pills. Then I switch over to clomid day 3-7. And have sex days 12, 14 and 16. I really hope this doesn't end up coinciding with the trip I have to take next month, but with my shitty fertility luck, it will. I'll only be gone 4 days, and I can have sex in the morning before I leave and the afternoon I get back, so I'd only actually be missing 2 days. But if it takes 4 or 5 days to get my period after I finish these pills, I could be ovulating the second to last day of my trip which would be the worst- eggs are only good for 24 hours if unfertilized.
Another symptom of PCOS discovered today- disrupted sleep is reported by 85% of people who have had it. I'm a very light sleeper and when I get woken up it takes me like at least an hour to fall back asleep. Another mystery solved! Also, the major cause of PCOS is insulin resistance and I have many signs that indicate I have that (like discolorations on my skin). My brother has diabetes so that's really scary...I do NOT want to have to give myself shots every day. Hopefully extreme low carbing will help with that.

Another thing- the spots I have on my thigh which are a marker of insulin resistance didn't appear until I moved to the south. The only major dietary change I had when I moved here is I switched from getting an egg white and cheese sandwich on a whole wheat roll for breakfast (my breakfast almost every day in grad school) to Mcdonalds breakfast with an egg and cheese bagel + a medium iced coffee. Not only did i have a big non whole wheat bagel for breakfast almost every work day, but I also had a huge coffee chock full of high fructose corn syrup. I haven't had these for a few weeks since I've been working from home, and this morning I checked out those spots on my thighs and it seems they have gotten less dark than they were a couple of months ago. Mcdonalds is really the devil. I miss those iced coffees already though...maybe I can get some sort of latte from my local coffee place - with all the milk I don't mind the lack of sugar as much.

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  1. Thanks for sharing... and wishing you lots of good health and all.

    - Rooting for you in Lakewood, NJ

    p.s. There's some analogy to the OTD experience - at least for me - where when I threw out God all of a sudden so many things that had me scratching my head started making sense. (Evil, for example)


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