Monday, June 30, 2008

oh crap it's monday

guess I should like...go to work and stuff (ahh, the life of a grad student)

So in a weird coincidence, sometime over the weekend one of those first date dudes I was talking about in that last post emailed me!

It turns out that the physics phd dude is now running for state legislature in Maryland. And I went to his facebook page to check it out (we are facebook friends) and it turns out he has been a policy advisor in washington for energy policy for the last 2 years.

That's freakin awesome! A dude I went on a date with is running for a political office! Also for the last 2 years has been writing policy briefs for senators! That's probably the coolest thing anyone I've gone on a date with has done (at least that I know about). Although my ex fiance and his wife DID start a fancy cake baking business, which is also pretty cool (they make super awesome cakes like ace of cakes!). Coming in a distant third is probably a dude who moved to California. His job isn't cool or anything, but moving to the west coast= awesome in my eyes.

What are some weird/cool things your ex's have done? And not in a bitter way, in a "wow, I went out with that dude and now he is awesome, therefore I will bask in reflected awesomeness!" kind of way.

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  1. Okay. This isn't an ex- , but my college roommate from 1972 (yes, I am very old) at the University of Denver, grew up to be G.W. Bush's Secretary of the Interior. Gale Norton.
    And she wasn't even an Republican when I knew her! I have stories but I am saving them for my tell-all book.
    (Not really. Live and let live, etc.)


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