Thursday, November 19, 2009

Drinks of years byegone

Two of my favorite drinks have been discontinued for several years.

Snapple Tru Root beer didn't taste like any root beer I've had since then. It was clear, and the taste was somewhat lighter than most root beers, but also somewhat spicier. It had a twist off cap that was hard for me to twist off when I was a kid, and it was kind of shaped like a bottle of vinegar. I think they stopped making this drink sometime in the late 90s.

Fresh Samantha's was bought by Odewalla, and they still make some of their drinks. But they don't make my favorite one, which was the Fresh Samantha Soy Shake. It had this taste like milk but dryer, and had some vanilla in it maybe. I was introduced to it by this vegan friend of mine in college who also introduced me to a great bagel shop that I went on to use regularly for 4 years, tofu cream cheese (sounds weird, but I actually like it more than cream cheese!) and a store right near my college that had puppies for sale in the window. We were great friends my first semester in college when we took 3 classes together and sat near each other and then walked to the subway together after class. After that he dropped out of college and I never saw him again. I don't even remember his last name to look him up on facebook, and I'm not sure he would be on there. it's weird how people come in and out of your life like that.


  1. I used to love Snapples! Never had the root beer then, possibly because I kept kosher in the late 90's and don't recall seeing that flavor, and I only paid attention to the kosher ones. I still love Odwalla's, why don't you write to them and ask them if they could bring back that recipe? You never know.
    Also love tofu cream cheese :) Funny, I know few other people who like it too.
    And yeah, it is weird when that happens.

  2. margo- that flavor of snapple rootbeer was kosher, I was introduced to it by my mother. :)

    Bolthouse farms has a similar tasting drink which is their vanilla chai tea with soy, so I make do with that nowadays. :)

  3. Dude that Snapple man! You'd be surprised how often I think of that damn bottle!!!


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