Friday, September 12, 2008


I missed the exact date earlier this week, but it has now been over two months since I got engaged (on July 8th), and over two months since I have spoken to either of my parents on the phone. Two months since I've had any contact with my mother at all. My contact with my dad in that time has been around 3 emails (one of which was to inform me of the death of someone, and was a group email).

It's not that bad I guess. I don't feel sad about it. I can't imagine calling my mom now and having some bullshit conversation where I don't mention B and talk about gardening and school cause that's all I can talk about with her. It's actually nice to NOT have those conversations, since every time I did I felt like crap afterwords.

In other wedding related news, I haven't really done anything for the wedding since we booked a place. Except yesterday when I spent some time on ebay looking at various dresses. The only thing I liked was basically some renn faire goth costume, and I think I would look silly in that. Did I mention I hate shopping, I hate dresses, and I hate planning things? Would it be entirely inappropriate to show up in matching hoodies?


  1. It's your wedding and you can wear what you want!

  2. Wear whatever you want! Hoodies would be cute, and very comfortable, and you could theme them with other stuff in your wedding.
    It's your wedding, so have it how you like it!
    (Just make sure B also wants hoodies, lol)

  3. Let's be best friends. I totally want to wear a hoodie to my wedding. If I'm not too lazy to plan one.

    There's an interesting lecture coming up at my school given by the Jewish Community Center - it's on god and science and the intersection of both. Maybe I'll blog about it if I ever get some free time.

  4. Yeah, it seems I am too lazy (Busy! It's busy not lazy!) to plan my wedding as well.

    But i saw this indian girl walking in a kick-ass sari today, so now I am motivated to go check out sari's online. Cause they are awesome. But the hoodie is definitely my backup plan.

  5. can we have a nudist wedding? pleeeeease?

  6. I hate suits and ties so I didn't wear either to my wedding. I wore a short sleeve white shirt and chino style trousers. My wife wore a white Qipao (wedding gift from her father). So we were both wearing white. I think you want to dress smart or you may regret it later :)

  7. You only get married once - hopefully. Before wearing hoodies or something Goth, be sure that whatever you wear is something you won't regret when you look at the pictures 20 or 30 or 50 years from now. I say go with simple and comfortable, but not outlandish. Although you have been burned by tradition, some traditions have value.

  8. I don't know what's wrong with this generation of parents. They're totally lost. Someone should go and slap them in the face and say, "Wake up, you idiots! It's not all about you!"

  9. Nothing is entirly inappropriate. You know I did khakis, and my sis did do a ren-faire/goth dress she made herself. I, personally, love hoodies. That would be perfectly appropriate.

  10. Maybe it's true - when you find the right dress and try it on, you'll know it!
    BTW - regarding my situation - you can decide to take a year off from dating when you're in your 20s, you can't do this at my age, anyway, I already had that year.
    Your more opinionated commenters seem to have dropped off - is it a religious holiday or something?

  11. My other blog- well then don't take a year, but didn't he literally just move out? And you don't seem to actually be dating anyone either, just screening them on the internets :) That stuff can get obsessive (believe me I know).

    I don't know where everyone is, usually they only show up when my posts are super dramatic, which I guess this one isn't :)

  12. I think I have to actually screen, not kiss, 1,000 frogs before I actually date one! The ex-frog moved out last September, then came back to the area 2 weeks later, then left after Thanksgiving, came back in January, and only stayed in the guest room when he was living in the house from April to mid-July. It feels like he's been gone for a year, because I never let him back into my heart after he left. My broken heart has now healed, but is empty, hence the desire to fill it with love again.
    I'm not missing the usual crazies who comment on your blog, just noting their absence.

  13. I'm religious (and an academic, and freaking out about the job market, except that I'm TWO or soemthing years from graduating), parents are not (and reacting like yours), and I always think that the way you describe your feelings express mine to a T.

    Hoodies are awesome. Go for it.

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  15. rivkayael- I may be graduating in 2 years as well, I'm only applying to 6 jobs this year and when (if?) I don't get one, I'll be staying another year. :)



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