Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cowards way out

This is the email I actually sent to my dad:

Hi Abba,

I'm sure this isn't my 15 minutes of fame...I would hope at some point my research gets media attention and THEN I'll get my 15 minutes. But this "local expert" thing is just part of my job, since I'm at the largest university in our metro area (big fish in small pond-ism?). :)

I actually just got a call from someone at *polish tv station*, and they are coming to interview me tomorrow for a tv news story on *issue related to my research*. I'm internationally famous! :) It only broadcasts in polish though, so not sure if I'll be able to get a clip this time.

-Abandoning Eden


  1. Good response. You took the high road. You may even manage to build a decent relationship with your father if you keep this up.

  2. Hey, that's great.

    By the way: seeing that you did not post anything on your blog for such a long time, I got the comforting feeling that the "parents issues" were getting less frequent and also, perhaps, less hurtfull than they were at the beginning, when they prompted you to start the blog.

    I made a similar experience: time heals, it fades a bit into the background over time. Of course, it is still hurtfull when you hear from them and are reminded of all the problems, but I have the impression that the hurt does not last as long as it did in the beginning.

    I hope that time will heal and calm and reconcile, and I think that what you are doing: living your own life, being active, having an awesome husband and a job you like will help you become so relaxed and laid back that this hurt will disappear alltogether and perhaps a new, different, less dependent, less authoritarian relationship will be possible between you and your parents...


  3. on the contrary, I think this was quite a brave email

  4. Some things never change..some things do change..the best thing you can do is always the 'classy' thing. That letter was the classy thing to do regardless of your feelings. Sending a nasty letter will only give you anxiety anyway. Bravo AE! I could have used my own advice a few times..believe me.

  5. Right I don't think this was cowardly. It was explaining his mistake and clarifying your awesomeness without making him feel shitty and small. Also it never addressed what he said, which is actually good modeling for future conversations. Lots of good things about this :)

  6. (It never addressed the religious stuff, which was good) :)


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