Friday, March 18, 2011

sweet barking cheese

my father has joined the facebook. I know this because he has friended his cousin, who I am friends with.


  1. Oh dear me.....
    In my view it is not smart to add family. I had to delist my brother and sister after they constantly blabbled to my mom about my every status update.

  2. Hmm, I'm actually already friends with a ton of family members, both young and old, including my douchey religious brother. And I'm also facebook friends with a bunch of colleagues and some former students, so I tend to keep my status updates fairly tame.

    it's not like he has friended me or anything.

  3. It's not exactly like he's 'friended you' in real life, why should he act differently on FB?
    I suggest you block him - that's what I did with my ex.

  4. Time to get off of Facebook! Ha!

  5. If he has some limited access to your facebook, I don't know, maybe he'd warm up? I don't know about this one. I know a lot these days about human psychology, but as my husband often painfully reminds me while trying to process thru his own upbringing, Jewish neurosis is bigger than me...and something I'm only beginning to understand... Good luck!!! It'll be good however it works out. You're awesome and grown up- you get to set your boundaries... :)


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