Monday, March 28, 2011


Welp, me and my dad are now facebook friends. I friended him. But he seems to hardly every use it- seems mostly he just posts about his gemarah shiur on there. No facebook contact as of yet. Although we have had more contact in general the past few weeks- he called me on Purim to say hi for about 5 minutes, and he's been sending me some emails on stories about sociologists in the news (including one about my old statistics professor, who apparently is now involved in a supreme court case).

I figure, what's the worse that can happen? My dad might actually learn something about my personal life? It's not like I have any secrets at this point, and my facebook is pretty self-censored already, since I'm friends with lots of other family members and colleagues and former students.

In gardening news, my trees have arrived, my baby plants are growing, and my sugar snap pea shoots are sticking out of the ground (and I ate some of them- did you know pea shoots are delicious and taste just like peas, and you can cut them off when they get about 2 inches high, and the shoots will grow back?).

Baby lemon tree (next to a much older money tree)

The small ones are basil plants and the larger ones are bell pepper plants (5 colors- red, yellow, orange, white and purple)

baby Catawba Crape myrtle tree (and you can see some of my hostas poking out of the ground).

This weekend I start some zucchini indoors, and in about 3 weeks when all chance of frost is gone I will start transferring some of these baby basil and pepper plants to pots and eventually outside. The lemon tree doesn't go outside until it's been 50 degrees at night for at least a few weeks.

Bonus picture of me and max!

If I'm at home and posting on the internets, chances are I look just like I do in this picture. This is my interneting spot on the couch. And yes, there is usually some kind of animal involved (sometimes up to 3 at a time! Did I mention we have 3 cats and 2 dogs?)


  1. See, I knew it! your pop's real proud of you

    I don't see a problem with friending him on fb. Frankly, I'd do the same if my father had fb;)

    5 pets? daaaaamn

  2. Wait- when did you get three dogs and two cats?
    You're beautiful. Max is cute too.

  3. We had the kitties before we met...I had two kitties that I got in my first 2 years of grad school(one rescued from the street and another rescued from an abandoned pregnant kitty who was taken in by some people), and B had one that he got right before we met, so we had 3 cats when we moved in together. The we really wanted a dog so we got Barkley about 2 years ago, and Barkley really likes hanging out with other dogs, so we got Max last year to be his friend. :) So now we have 3 kitties (Ages 7+, 6 and 5) and 2 dogs (Ages 4 and 1)


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