Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The story of me and B

I've decided to temporarily come out of hiatus, because today is the three year anniversary of me meeting B!

Here is the story of how we met: It was January 2007, and over winter break I had decided to check out some okcupid people. As a grad student I didn't have a lot of time for socializing with people who were not in my grad program (and FSM knows I didn't want to date THEM), and I didn't have a lot of time for socializing in general. As such, I would usually date during breaks in school, because that was the only time I had to spend on dating. And yes, the dates usually (but not always) came from internet dating websites. I am not ashamed! I mostly went on jdate, but had recently decided to check out okcupid, and limited the people who could see my profile to those who were jewish, atheists, or agnostics (B was under the 'atheist' category). Meanwhile, 90% of my dating over the beginning of grad school happened during winter, spring or summer break.

Anyways, over winter break I had started talking to this guy from okcupid, B, who intrigued me with his knowledge of south park and hippies. We chatted online for a week or so, and we had lots to 'talk' about over instant messenger. So maybe a week or so after we started chatting, we decided to meet up.

Now, I will have to admit, when I first saw B's picture on okcupid, I did not think he was very attractive. He had a 3 or 4 year old picture up, which was from when he was a lot younger looking and significantly skinnier, and I am not at all attracted to skinny guys, or guys who look like they are 6 years younger than me (which he did in this picture, which I think was taken when he was like 19 or 20). But I was charmed by his witty chatting style, and I figured- hey, I haven't been on a date in a couple of months, winter break is almost over, so I should meet up with this dude so that I can go on a date over winter break before going back into grad student hibernation for spring semester.

So we met up on January 12th. For about 45 minutes. Since I was not super attracted to his picture, I decided to meet up with him about an hour before I had to leave to go to a potluck dinner so that I would have a reason to leave if he turned out to be creepy or weird. But he completely charmed me. We just talked for 45 minutes. He turned out to be a whole lot more attractive in real life, having gained some weight and some age since that terrible picture. It was like 70 degrees that day, which is pretty weird for January. I remember walking to meet up with him, and not wearing a coat, and wearing short sleeves and sandals.

That night at the potluck dinner I kept saying to my friend- "I went out with this guy today, and I think I kinda like him." I couldn't stop thinking about him.

Maybe a day or two later I IMed him again, and asked him if he wanted to come over to my place the next weekend when I was having some friends visit. (He later told me that he thought he would never hear from me again after our first date, maybe because it was so short). We chatted that whole week as well. He came to visit with my friends the next friday night, whereupon one of my friends decided to spend the whole night sitting between us on the couch. He stayed till like 3 in the morning. The next night he was going to come over after me and my friends went to a show, but I ended up fainting at the show (dehydration probably) and didn't feel up to it. So he was all "How about we hang out on Sunday, without your friends"

Sunday we hung out at his place for several hours, just talking again. I stayed till around 2 in the morning, and lingered at the door to see if maybe he would kiss me, which he didn't. When I left his house to walk back to my place, it had snowed- the first snow of the year- and I called him to tell him about it.

The next weekend we hung out again, and this time there WAS kissing (among other things). In fact, that weekend I stayed at his place the whole weekend, and then on Monday morning I stopped by my place to change for school, went to class, and then came straight home to his place. That Monday night, at around 3am, after spending like 4 straight days in a row together, he adorably was all "so, I was talking to my friend, and she asked if you were my girlfriend, so I was wondering are you my girlfriend?" Awwww.

Since that weekend we have spent pretty much every night together. For the first year and a half we were together, I spent every night at his place (he occasionally stayed over at my place too), would walk back to my place in the morning, change and shower, feed my kitties, go to school, and then go straight back to his place. After about a year and a half of that, he moved into my apartment for reals, and the rest is history.

So happy anniversary of the day we met B! Tonight we will celebrate with fillet minion, baked potatoes, and B's aunt's microwave chocolate coffee-mug cake

B and I, February 2007

In other news, 95 people voted on my last poll (and are remarkably just about evenly split over the pronunciation of 2010), and yet I have only 4 comments on my last post. So what's with all you lurkers, aye?


  1. Happy, happy anniversary! I'm so glad you two met and married.

  2. I can just smile and genuinely feel happy for you!

  3. Happy Anniversary.
    Your 'issue' here is mostly leaving - abandoning - the religion your parents raised you in and when you write about that, you get tons of comments, fights break out between the commenters, and commenters come back to read & argue some more whenever new comments are posted. When you write about other things, people may lurk, but they don't comment.
    (Except for Ms. Moon and I, who think you're incredibly brave to live your life the way you want to live it, not how your parents want you to live it, and who are both appalled - or however you spell it - that your parents and most of your family have abandoned you.)

  4. Aww that was so sweet! Happy belated anniversary :)

  5. Since yesterday was delurk day i guess i'll stop lurking. Happy anniversary!

  6. I want the recipe for microwave chocolate coffee-mug cake!


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