Monday, August 25, 2008

This weekend

was awesome! Completely cut off from internet, phone and television for 3 days meant that I found out Joe Biden was the VP nomination when one of the bands dedicated a song to him on Saturday night. We ended up camping in the vending area, with our good friends who were vending (the dude is an artist and was selling his paintings and prints; he's dating my very good friend and former roommate, who 2 months ago moved 5 hours away to live with him; before that she lived 2 blocks over).

Much catching up and good hanging out time was to be had. The music was great, and the stages had covered pavilions which were totally awesome in the heat of day. B came back with a terribly awful sunburn over all his face and knees and arms; this was after reassuring me repeatedly that he "Never burns, he only tans." Oy. I made liberal use of the sunscreen and managed to come home with only a lovely tan.

I also came home with new jewelry!

Two new glass pendants I bought myself (a clover and a terrapin) bringing me up to 5 glass pendants total (I think I'm starting a collection):

And B bought me an engagement ring! (that I picked out) It's amber with silver wire.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Wish I could have been there!

  2. Completely cut off from internet, phone and television for 3 days meant that I found out Joe Biden was the VP nomination when one of the bands dedicated a song to him on Saturday night.

    Wow - kinda like.... Shabbat? :-P

    Glad to hear you had such a great time!

  3. As someone in the Sex in the City movie said (I think it was Big?) - the ring seals the deal!

  4. Pretty ama zing. You could have the same experience every Shabbat if you like. I garuntee you will love it!

  5. I wasn't going to do this, but i succumbed to temptation and fell to the darkside.


  6. Just out of curiosity-I had a question for you-maybe you will consider dedicating a post to the topic-
    Did you stop following the religion because you stopped believing in G-d or did you stop believing in G-d because you stopped following the religion?

  7. you lose your faith, then u stop acting. and you start acting when you find faith.

    if you stop acting, it is because somewhere inside you, you lost your faith. Habit will only drive you so far. Faith is the real fuel that keeps a person going.

    IMHO, If your actions dictate your faith, you have been officially brainwashed.

    Ergo, Na'aseh VeNishma (We will act, and then we will listen) Makes no sense to me.

  8. anon-your question is answered above!

    Judah- I don't think it's as simple as that. You can still believe in god, and not believe that a certain religion is right. I did for a few years at least...

  9. I hear what you both are saying but there was one possibility that I could think of that neither of you mentioned-
    don't some people stop observing and then stop believing because they can't continue to believe in a G-d that they are going against-ie the burden is just too great-so they deny him and then they dont have to worry about all the "rebellious" acts they did in the past

  10. anon-

    that certainly sounds like it may be a possibility, but I don't know anyone who has had an experience like that. I didn't ever feel guilty after the first couple of times I did something, so I wasn't sitting around with a ton of guilt and then one day was like "aha! Now I can get rid of all that guilt by denying the existence of god!"

    If someone honestly believed in god, and in a god who had a certain religion, why would they stop following that religion? (I mean in a serious way, not breaking a rule here or there).

    Honestly, that reason for going off the derech sounds like a religious person's justification for a non-religious person's action, when that religious person can't accept that there may be valid reasons for not believing in god.

  11. Congrats on the ring :) Miss you hon! Keep kicking ass and we'll get together for an awesome rocking time later!


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