Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ha, I think my jewish wife gene just kicked in...

Just a week after getting married I find myself with my hair up under a handkerchief, cooking a gigantic pot of chicken soup!

Granted, the handkerchief is tye dyed and I'm wearing it cause I haven't washed my hair in like 3 days and needed to go outside to walk the dog (and my hair is not presentable for the public).

The chicken soup I have no good excuse for...

We just got an awesome Mario Batali cookbook as a wedding present, and yesterday went to the grocery store with a giant list of ingredients so that we could try out a bunch of recipes* (and we're also trying out In the Pink's chicken matza ball soup and chicken pot pie recipes). Whenever I don't work for a while and have nothing to do, I start cooking like a mad woman, and try out tons of new recipes (most of which don't stick, some do). I love to cook, but it takes some vacation time for me to have enough energy to bother (usually B cooks us dinner).

Today is the Sunday of memorial day weekend...every year on this day since I was a year old my parents have held a spring BBQ at their house and invited their extended family, in honor of my birthday and my grandfather's birthday (which is the day before mine). Kinda like a family birthday party but also just an excuse to get together with the family, most of whom live anywhere from 1-2 hours away from my parents. Last year's bbq was the last time I visited my parents in their home (and the home I grew up in). In retrospect I should have grabbed some of my baby pictures...

I have no idea if my parents are holding the bbq this year or not (I suppose I could ask my brother, but he's not online right now). Either way, I wasn't invited. My bet is that they still are having it, and are somehow glossing over the fact that I'm not there. I bet my mom is marinating chicken legs as I write this...

*Yesterday we had linguine with lemon-jalapeno-red pepper flakes-sauteed onion-romano cheese sauce (really good, but next time I'm going to leave out the jalapenos, that was waaaay too spicy and I think the red pepper flakes will be enough), for lunch today I'm making a spinach fritata (leftovers for breakfast tomorrow and the rest of the week probably), I'm also making a bunch of chicken soup to freeze today, tonight we're having chicken pot pie and some grilled asparagus from the farmers market, tomorrow I'm making a whole bunch of red sauce to freeze, tomorrow night is turkey-pork meatballs, and later this week chicken matza ball soup!


  1. Eden is not entirely abandoned then...

  2. let me know how the soup and matzah balls turn out. i love cooking up a storm. enjoy!

  3. you cant get away from your neshama, hard as you try!

  4. hey if my 'neshama' leads me to cook a bunch of delicious food, I'm all for it. I got nothing against great tasting food. :)

    Hadassah, the chicken soup and the chicken pot pie are delicious!! I had a bit of the soup as it was cooking..we froze a whole bunch of soup and are going to make the matza balls in it sometime later this week when it's a little cooler out. :) We just had some of the pot pie and it was soo good.

  5. Ask your one sane brother to grab your baby pictures & send them to you!


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