Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank you

In less than 48 hours I will be a married lady, and I think at this point it's appropriate to take a little time to give thanks to all of you, readers.

Thank you for reading about my wedding plans, commenting on them, giving me ideas, helping me figure out which were good ideas and bad ideas, and giving me some great tips.

Thank you for being supportive and cheering me on when things got tough, and through all the bullshit my family threw at me. This is the primary place where I write and think about my family situation, and your support has really meant a lot to me.

You guys are awesome :)

No thanks to everyone who tried to convince me not to get married, who tried to make me justify my actions, and who thought everything I wrote meant "my jewish neshama is crying out."


  1. Congratulations. I hope you and B have a wonderful day.

  2. Mazal tov to you and B!!! Have a wonderful time and make sure to spend a moment soaking it all in.

  3. And don't forget to eat- brides always forget to eat at their weddings.
    Seriously- congratulations and profound wishes for all good things to you and B.

  4. I love reading your blog and just want to say how inspiring you are. Wishing you and B a wonderful day and a beautiful life together.

  5. Congratulations! May the wedding be as beautiful as you dream it to be, and may your lives together always be full of blessing and joy.

  6. ms moon- you know how people say the week before your wedding you will be so busy you'll lose like 5 pounds? Well I always thought that was an exaggeration, but it turns out it's true...I lost like 4 pounds last week becuase I was so busy running from errand to errand I kept forgetting to eat! :) Hopefully I won't forget at the actual wedding, cause we are being catered by one of my favorite resturaunts. :)

    I'm getting married tomorrow!!!!

  7. Congratulations! Take a moment to look around you and remember the day.

  8. Enjoy your special day.

    If you are looking for a sombre thought to focus on during the course of the day, in keeping with Jewish tradition, think of the many OJ's who sadly don't get to design their wedding day.

    You are an inspiration to so many.

    Mazal Tov to you and yours.

  9. congrats and mazel tov to both you and B! I am sure you will have a wonderful life together. I love your have made me both laugh and cry as I can relate to a few things you are going through.
    Lots of luck!!!! enjoy!!

  10. i've been reading for over a year now, never commented. but i just wanted to say, on the occasion of your wedding - reading about what you've been through with your family helped me when my parents gave me an ultimatum about the nonjew i was dating. the relationship ended up disintegrating for totally different reasons, but i kept reading because you're a really interesting woman and i admire the strength and humor that you've used to deal with really hard situations. mazel tov on all you've accomplished - enjoy your big day! all of your readers have been counting down alongside you... :)

  11. Hey there!

    Wishing you that your wedding day may be an joyable, unforgettable occasion.

    We are all hoping, though, that this will NOT be the end of your blog!


  12. Congratulations, Eden! Your parents suck for missing the wedding. Don't let them ruin your day - in fact, don't even think about them. It's their loss - they are the ones missing out on YOU!

    Have a wonderful wedding and I hope everything goes off without a hitch (sic).

  13. Hope it works out for you.

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  15. The lubavitcher Rebbe once told a girl - in a similar situation to yours- who was about to marry a non-jew that he was jealous of her! the girl asked the REbbe, you are so holy and great why are you jealous of me? and the rebbe responded because i will never have the chance, and great merit to do what you can do right now, not get mariied to this non-jew.

  16. mazal tov! may you and b lead a life of peace and joy together!

  17. To all of you nay sayers keep this mind - everyone has free will as to how to lead their lives, so back off.

    Also, AE's marriage today to a non-Jew is good for the gene pool. No matter how they raise their kids, they will be Jewish according to Jewish law (no matter who you ask). So some of the weak "Jewish genes" which many if not most Jews inherit will be diluted by their fathers genes.

    Some day they may find their roots and live their lives as God fearing Jews and will have a stronger gene pool to pass on.

  18. Remember to take time to stop and look around at your wedding....enjoy it! Hopefully, it only happens once :)

  19. Happy Wedding Day! I'm so happy for you both!

    Here's the song I'm playing at my wedding - if I ever get married again:

    I can't believe Aunt Becky didn't post this link for you! What a slacker she's turned into!

    uncertain/MYS, now Hope

  20. By now you are a married lady! Wishing you and B all the happiness in the world.

  21. AE - I disagree with you on many many levels, but have to congratulate you for your comments on the Leah D issue. You are indeed consistent and sincere on the rights of children to choose their own path - either one of less (or zero) religiosity or one of more.

    Kol Hakovod

  22. Mazal tov Eden and B!

    And good on you for doing what makes you happy.

  23. Glad to see the comments i made, are still sticking in your head, hopefully one day you come back.

    The shchina Hakedoshe is crying, and awaiting the day you come back.

    We will never give up on you.


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