Saturday, May 23, 2009

Staycation, all I ever wanted

Since we're going to Europe for two weeks in July, we decided not to spend the money to go somewhere fancy this week. But we still wanted to do something, so I took the week off from work and we had a Staycation!

Monday people were still at our house, so we didn't do much, just hung out with friends until they left and then went to the dog park.

Tuesday I had to go to work for a bit, so we went to the dog park in the morning for an hour- and a big dog ended up biting Barkley and making him bleed! Wtf! He was fine, and just had a little blood spot on his back (and is up to date on his rabies shot) so we didn't take him to the vet. But Violent bitey dogs aren't supposed to be allowed in the dog park! Have I mentioned that we joined a private dog park with Barkley? And that dogs are supposed to be observed and found not be violent and bitey before being allowed to join?

After a few hours of work on Tuesday (that really couldn't wait any longer) I met up with some friends from school for drinks and dinner, since my officemate left for Germany for the summer on Wednesday (his wife lives there) so we all wanted to meet up one last time before he left. The waiter at the restaurant heard my friend mention that I'm newly married, so my beer was free! I'm a married lady and yet I still get free drinks from boys! :) Not that I expect that to happen frequently, but hey, free beer!

Wednesday we went to see the new Star Trek movie...I thought it was really good, and one of the better newer star trek movies, but I grew up much more into TNG then the original series (TNG was one of the few shows I was allowed to watch as a child), so it's not like I'll be running out to buy it or anything

Thursday was a quieter day, we went to the dog park and then out for lunch at a new restaurant just opened by a member of our dog park. The new place is kinda half cafe/fresh sandwich place, half real sit down restaurant. I was amused to see that the place has only been open a week but had already attracted quiet a few grad students with their laptops. The food was pretty good.

Then yesterday we went to the zoo! We had a lot of fun, even though the place was insanely crowded with children everywhere. Saw some pretty neat animals.

Not sure what we are going to do this weekend yet...may just stay in, as it's been over a month since we've just had a quiet weekend at home- I've either been traveling (work and then a music festival) or we've had guests over. We got an awesome Mario Batali cookbook for a wedding present, so we're thinking of getting some ingredients for one or two of the recipes and trying those out. Also will probably visit the dog park again and maybe the farmers market. Maybe we'll grill some food with our new awesome grill pan.

Next week Tuesday I go back to work for reals. I haven't been really working for the past 3 weeks (took time off to do wedding stuff), and I'm beginning to get antsy as I tend to do when I haven't done any of my research in a long time. In 2 weeks I also start a new research project with a professor that looks at where college students meet people they hook up with, which should hopefully be a fun and awesome and publishable project.

Next weekend is my birthday- 27! I'm going to officially be in my late 20s!- and we're thinking of going to some kind of amusement park- maybe six flags or something like that. Speaking of getting older, after pulling out the one white hair I knew I had pre-wedding (my dissertation white hair- it was only one, and why have it there right in the front of my head for wedding pictures?) I found another white hair that's already like 3 inches long!! I call this one my wedding white hair. Well, at lest my hair seems to be going white (like my mom) and not gray (like my dad). I far prefer the white to gray. I also seem to be getting some smile lines on my face. But that's cool- I'd rather have smile lines than frown lines! :)

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  1. Is there someone to report the biting dog to?


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