Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our wedding painting

Slow and Steady Hearts by Crazyredbeard

Started during the ceremony, and finished in our living room yesterday morning.

I wrote up a whole thing about what everything in the painting means, but I think for now I'll leave it to you to interpret.


  1. 24 hours post your wedding and you are still posting on your blog?? Give it a rest for a week and enjoy your time with B.

  2. Ha, sadly, I already went back to work for a few hours today for some stuff that absolutely could not wait another day (and have a few hours of work to do from home tomorrow, although then I'm taking the rest of the week off).

  3. not fade away.....its a grateful dead tune!!!

  4. Not fade away is a Grateful Dead cover of a buddy holly song but yep :) A long live version of the Grateful Dead playing that song (9/19/70- one of my favorite dead shows) was played during the reception of the wedding

    The heart flying sideways that says "is real" in it is also from that song (from the lyrics "love is real"):

    I wanna tell you how it's gonna be, you're gonna give your love to me,
    I wanna love you night and day, you know my love not fade away.

    You know my love not fade away, not fade away

    My love is bigger than a Cadillac, I try to show you but you drive me back,
    Your love for me has got to be real, your gonna know just how I feel.

    Our love is real, not fade away, not fade away

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgEygiieBwg

    Oh, it's beautiful! A wonderful symbol of your love and devotion to each other.

  6. I've lurked on this blog and wanted to thank you for sharing your struggles.

    Congratulations on your marriage and may you both be blessed!

    Please don't stop this blog now you're married. I find you to be a very interesting person and would love to read more of what you have to say.


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