Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After 117 days (Originally posted August 3rd, 2012)

After 117 days of nothing, I now officially am getting my period! I've never been this happy to be bleeding out my vag in my life!

It started late last night around 10pm, so according to my PCOS consultants (on an awesome message board that my friend recommended) today is cycle day 1 and I start taking clomid on Sunday. That unfortunately means that if I do ovulate on time (in 15 days) it'll be the first day of my trip. But chances are I won't ovulate on time anyway which means it may be during my trip. Ack!

I'm temping now [taking my temperature every morning- your temperature rises after ovulation] in order to make sure I actually ovulate, and also have a bunch of  ovulation pee kits that I'm going to use until they run out but mostly just going to have a bunch of sex this month. :)

Also yesterday maybe it was the PMS mood swings but I just felt compelled to tell my parents about PCOS. I hadn't had any contact with them since my diagnosis, and I was a bit apprehensive about telling them, but yesterday my dad sent me a video from Disney World of him and my mom in "It's a small world" and was like "we're thinking of you!" Which made me remember something I hadn't thought about in decades- when I was a little kid I used to make my parents go on that ride with me over and over again whenever we went to disney world (my grandparents lived two hours away and we would go down to visit at least once a year, so had many trips there as a kid). I loved all the little outfits the different dolls had representing all the different cultures in the world (or at least what those cultures looked like in the past). Sociologist at a young age!

Anyway I was writing back to him and telling him about a job thing and somehow I ended up writing a long rant about PCOS and how I have it and also telling my parents that me and B are TTC (trying to conceive) and that's why I know I have it, and CCed my mom on the email. I hadn't even planned to tell them we were TTC until I was pregnant, but I was just impulsive and sent it to them yesterday. So about an hour later my dad actually ended up calling me from florida (and my mom talked to me too) and we talked for like half an hour all about how my dad is now on diabetes medication too. And we talked a bit about low carb diets cause turns out my dad is on one too, and he's like "Of course, eggs and fat arn't bad for you, it's the high carbs that are bad!" and I was like "Ok you know that now, but don't pretend like you knew this 5 years ago or something!" lol.

They didn't really bring up the fact that I'm trying to conceive but they didn't shy away from it or say anything mean which was what I'm afraid of, and my mom was actually encouraging when I brought it up and was like "well now at least you have a plan and know what you need to do." which I really appreciated. I almost want to blog about this in my other (ex-jew) blog, but I don't know that I want to tell hundreds of followers (and a couple of crazy stalker douchebags) that I have PCOS...

But I would like to write about it there just because now that I have it I'm finding out about SO MANY jewish people who have it - so much so, that I wonder if this is one of those many diseases that Ashkenazi jews are especially susceptible too (there are dozens of those) so would like to spread some awareness of it.

In other news this morning I am down to 205.4 (from 214) so I lost more than 8 pounds in 2 weeks! Woohoo! And that's with all this bloating from my period...kinda have the feeling that I will drop a couple more pounds in the next few days too.


  1. Thanks for these posts. We can't influence the outcome, but we can cheer for you on the way.

  2. I think that there is a known relationship between PCOS and being an Ashkenazi Jew. It also effects 7% of women so either way it is great to spread awareness. Having PCOS totally sucks. I remember telling my now husband that I may have future fertility problems I had a
    Ready been diagnosed when I was 18. We were lucky and were able to have bio kids with relative ease. I was young and thin, if I didn't happen to try to have kids so young I know I would have had troubles as my endocrine system has deteriorated over time as it does with everyone. It did get my husband and me talking about adoption so I knew, even at the age of 21, that adoption was something both my husband and I felt we could do. I wonder if I hadn't had PCOS if I would be adopting right now by choice. Somehow having PCOS open up the idea.
    rooting for you, impressed with your weight loss. I find sticking to low carbs more difficult than earring my doctorate and raising 3 kids. I hope that once the doctor gets you ovulating you have as easy a time as I ultimately did having healthy pregnancies leading to healthy babies.

    1. Sorry for all the typos. The iPad freezes up on me and does all sorts of auto correctionsin blogger.

  3. Well dear girl, I have just read your latest blog, and I am so delighted for you and keeping everything crossed that you will have a pregnancy soon, and that you will have an easy time... ***also, well done for the poundage loss, sure you will continue in that fashion and get it licked, once and for all!!! I like the way you write and look forward to seeing what you've been up to!! All the best and a million hugs to you both.. Janzi

  4. So this was written in "real time" I've now actually lost almost 30 pounds in total and am down to 187ish. :) Thanks for all the well wishing ladies! :)


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