Monday, December 10, 2012

In a funk (Originally posted October 2nd, 2012)

Despite supposedly reconciling with my family and meeting up in June, since then I've talked to my mom once in early August and not since then. In that phone convo she said she would respond to a recent email I had sent her about my PCOS diagnosis, but she never did respond. I've talked to my dad one additional time last month when he called to basically remind me about a religious holiday and got off the phone after 5 minutes. Then he sent me an email trying to convince me to pray, which I still haven't written back to. After years of telling him we shouldn't talk about religion, he still doesn't get it. And I don't think despite the fact that we are "talking" I'm going to be invited home anytime soon. unless I somehow manage to actually get pregnant, in which case for the rest of my life Ill be afraid my parents are trying to missionize my kids.

I'm pretty sure I ovulated 8 days ago, which would be day 53 since I last got my period. So there is like a 5% chance I'm pregnant. But since it took SO long until I actually ovulated, meaning the clomid didn't work (yay, no easy fixes!), chances are it's not a viable egg anyways.  Anyway if my temps stay high I guess that'll mean I can take a pregnancy test this weekend or early next week or something, but I do not have very high hopes at this point.

I did lose almost 26 pounds since my high weight in May, but I'm still "obese" and have been stuck bouncing up and down from 194ish to 198ish for about a month. Also it's been raining a lot the last week so I've been totally slacking on my walking every day which does not make me feel good about myself. Meh.   At least I will be starting my second round of clomid with more than 2 months of low carbing under my belt, that can only help. The first round I had only been low carbing for a week or two.


  1. An easy prescription for someone trying to get pregnant: Eat healthy, exercise more, have sex with your husband.

    It has some likelihood of success (for all but the COMPLETELY infertile), and side effects include: happier healthier person. It also reducing marital strain, remember, you both want to get pregnant, you're emotionally tied into your body's problem, your husband is along for the ride. Don't make him feel like he's a sperm donor. :)

    Best of luck to you and your husband.

  2. Sorry, that was horribly worded. What I meant was, don't forget to enjoy your life and your spouse in this time period. Focus on treating your body well and some (not all) of the problems go away.

    But when women get fertility focused it is very easy to make sex entirely about the procreation that isn't happening, and that can cause unseen martial strain years later. Once you get pregnant, you're going to be focused for 9 months on the new life, and after that, the baby. Men lose being the focus of their wife's attention, hard enough, not need to pad it with 3-12 months BEFORE conception as well.


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