Monday, December 29, 2008

Dream about to be fullfilled

B's parents are taking us (and his sister, we're all going together) on a Mediterranean Cruise this summer (in July probably)!!! I am super excited, as I've never been to any other countries except Israel (6 times) and Canada, and have always wanted to travel around Europe (and especially Italy) for many years.

In college I really wanted to spend a few weeks in Rome on a study abroad program, but my parents wouldn't pay for it (not kosher or some such nonsense) and I couldn't afford it I ended up taking a roman civ class (or three) at my college instead. But ever since then I have really wanted to go to Rome. I've always really been interested in roman archeology and such...even when visiting Israel, some of my favorite things to see were the Roman ruins.

And this way I can go and get my European travel-lust over and done with before having babies (if we end up having a baby next year...come to think of it, during the cruise might be a good time to try and get pregnant...). At some point (before I die) I would also like to check out France, Amsterdam, and England...but maybe that can be a mid-age trip (or maybe B's parents will keep taking us on trips repeatedly, ha).

This cruise his parents are looking at starts in Italy, and goes to Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Sicily. We would also spend some time in Rome for a few days before or after the cruise.

10-Day Roman Empire Cruise

0 Civitavecchia (Rome)
1 At Sea
2 Dubrovnik, Croatia
3 Corfu, Greece
4 Katakolon (Olympia), Greece
5 Santorini, Greece
6 Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey
7 Piraeus (Athens), Greece
8 At Sea
9 Messina, Sicily
10 Civitavecchia (Rome)

Super super excited!!! Gotta figure out how to renew my expired passport.


  1. Cool! Can I become a member of B's family too? :-P

  2. tag!

    (let me know if you accept the tag and I'll add you to the list of tagged bloggers at the bottom of the post.)

  3. Sounds amazing! Have fun! :D

  4. Instead of you and B having a baby, could you just adopt me and take me on the cruise?

  5. That would be so beautiful!


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