Saturday, December 13, 2008

Potential wedding dress?

So today I stumbled across this dress which is quite within my budget, semi-white so semi-traditional, and comes in my size!

But I need a second or third or fifth opinion of whether this will look good on me, as it seems to be an internet only type of deal.

it seems to be a little baggy under the models' arms, but I have bigger boobs then her, and I can always have that tailored if need be.


  1. check my blog roll, AE...there's an AWESOME site called Offbeat Bride. It's all non traditional stuff and you'll find lots of dress ideas (and more). I do like the dress you've posted here...i think it's a great shape for you but I think you could find something a little more special (same kinda style...empire waist, halter top with a-line bottom.) Im thinking check out a lot of the rockabilly wedding photos cause they seem to use the same shape dresses often. Let me know what you think!

  2. I have offbeat bride on my blogroll already. :)

    I've been looking at dresses for months, and this is the first dress I we are having a pretty informal wedding on a really tight budget, and I am just not really into very formal clothes (if that's what you mean by 'special'). I love the dressed of Offbeat bride, but everytime I've gone to their website they cost like $400+...I'm hoping to spend less then $200 on the dress (this one is on sale for $77 with tax and shipping), and get a dress I can potentially wear again at some point.

  3. I think it's a very nice dress and would look good on you, but I agree with Ms. P in that it may not be special enough for a wedding dress. A print? Hmmmm.
    What about some sort of lovely hippie-type dress? Gauzy and flowy but elegant, too.
    Just a thought and I have no idea where you'd find one, although if you search for "hippie wedding dress" on ebay, you might find something. Or "boho". They love that word on ebay.

  4. I like it! If you order it online and you don't like it can you send it back? You may have to do some alterations. Be advised that most clothing in the US is built for a size 'B' cup on top. I have had problems with blouses for years, I usually have to go up a size when I buy blouses, so you may want to go up a size too - it's easier to take things in than to let them out!
    I know you want to get the dress settled, then move on to other things. I think a bridesmaid or maid of honor could find a dress in a complimentary shade of blue, that would look good with your dress.
    I say if the website accepts returns, go for it!

  5. it's nordstroms, so they do accept returns. I think I'm going to go with it...checking out potential accessories now :)

  6. I have no fashion advice, but let me just say I love how personal you're making your wedding. I'm kind of jealous. :-) Not that I'd wear a dress, but maybe a nice pair of cargo shorts with some sandals...

  7. @ Jewishatheist:

    Maybe if you grew a pair and had a wedding that corresponds to your OWN values, you could wear cargo shorts.

  8. I didn't wear a tie or suit but I didn't go as far as shorts or sandals :) My wife wore a white qipao dress - traditional Chinese dress. We told guests to wear "business casual".

  9. Love the dress, it's beautiful :o) I agree with the comment about getting a larger size, taking it in is always doable, taking it out not so much (and since it's Nordstroms you could actually buy two sizes and then decide which would require less alteration...)

  10. Maybe if you grew a pair and had a wedding that corresponds to your OWN values, you could wear cargo shorts.

    Maybe, but I'd have to find a different bride. ;-)


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