Thursday, May 1, 2008

Seeing dad time

My dad is coming to visit tomorrow for the first time in many many years. Turns out he does have that mutation, but that it's BRCA1 not BRCA2 as I thought (not a real difference, they both give you increased chances of breast cancer and ovarian cancer). He's bringing a family history thing so I can go get genetically tested. He has offered to pay for me to get genetically tested (it costs $600 if I don't get my health insurence to cover it, which I probably don't want to, cause that can lead to increased premiums in the future).

So lovely readers of my blog, the real question here is, do I tell him that B moved in or not? Keeping in mind that if I do tell him he might not pay those $600...but also keeping in mind that I can probably always find a reason not to tell him.


  1. "Keeping in mind that if I do tell him he might not pay those $600"

    Find out for sure and tell him. But I would suggest that first you hear what he has to say. This medical stuff is serious. Also find out how the condition affects him too. I assume you do care though you haven't mentioned any concern for his health. Men do get breast cancer too.

  2. The BRCA 1 and 2 don't represent probabilities? If there's a difference, there's a difference! You can't be negative and fatalistic about this! Trust me!

    I don't know if you should tell him or not so I'm not going to venture to weigh in on this. All I can say is listen to the guidance of yourself and your ex-OJ friends, and good luck!

  3. there's always time. take the money, get tested and see how it goes.
    are you planning on eloping? if yes why the headache, do it then tell them.

  4. don't tell him yet. This conversation will be serious enough by itself to lose focus with this.

    BTW I am brac 2 positive. In my family, ovarian cancer is prevalent. After I knew I was done having kids, I got my ovaries and uterus removed. There is a sense of freedom in that! I also go in for twice yearly mammograms and breast mri s . Good luck with all this. Hope you are negative but if not, know that there are many less drastic ways to reduce your risk factor .


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