Friday, May 2, 2008

waiting for my dad to get here

I'm in my office today even though I really have no work-related reason to be (just grading papers today, which I can do from home), cause I'd rather meet up with my dad here than at my apartment, where he might accidentally find out B lives with me (B is at work at the moment so they wouldn't run into each other, but there's all his stuff in our apartment. And his kitty).

I just remembered: the last time my dad visited, I was all worried about wearing pants in front of him. I finally did go with the pants, because I decided that since he was visiting me at my home, I should be able to wear what I normally wear and not have to dress up for him. But it was a big deal.

That was almost 4 years ago. This morning I put on some jeans and a very-short sleeve shirt without even thinking about it, even though the fact that my dad was visiting today was heavy on my mind. Now the thought of wearing a skirt or longer sleeves so my dad wouldn't somehow find out how not religous I am is completely alien to me; of course I'm going to wear pants.

I still don't know if I'm going to tell him about B living with me/being engaged or not. I do want to mention something about how I no longer feel comfortable talking to my parents in any more personal way than I would talk to my adviser or boss. In fact, even my adviser knows that B moved in, cause I was stressing out to her about how he was moving in just when I had to finish the first draft of my dissertation proposal (which I handed in a few days ago, yay!)

I'll play it by ear I guess. But if any time is the time, this is the time; even if he storms off in a fit and abandons me at the somewhat-far kosher resturaunt we are going to for lunch, I can always call up B to come pick me up. Much better than telling him on a visit to my parent's house, where I have no clear escape plan. Plus I don't really want to visit my parent's house ever again. I end up being depressed and stressed out on every visit I make.

oops that's the phone... he's here, gotta go. More updates later for sure.


  1. This drama is way more interesting than the dreck on TV. Can't wait to hear how it went!

  2. Such drama people don't need. If your parents didn't care about you I doubt they would get all stressed out about what you do. In life you can either find things out the easy way or hard way.

  3. Good luck AE. I hope your Dad is in an understanding mood.


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