Monday, February 2, 2009

Barkley update

Barkley is still getting better at not pulling on the leash.

He has also eaten part of my Birkenstock sandal (one I don't wear too much thankfully), bit one of my sneakers before I could stop him, and chewed a giant hole in a pair of my panties he stole out of the hamper. In addition to all the toys we got for him that he has been chewing to bits (one stuffed cow is now just a cow skin...those things have a LOT of stuffing apparently). Also he has a super disgusting habit of going after used tampons in the bathroom- we gotta get a covered trash can in there, for reals.

But he is GREAT at sitting now, and also comes when we call his name. We are considering obedience class eventually, but for now are working on it ourselves. We are also considering joining a local dogpark so that he can run around off leash. We have to get him licensed in this city before we can do that...that's on my ever growing list of things I need to do.

I'm now street friends with a dogwalker lady who I run into everywhere. Next time I gotta remember to ask her name.

Oh also today I mailed in the form to renew my passport! B's parents have booked the flight and the cruise for this summer- on July 3rd we are flying to Detroit, meeting them there, and then flying to Rome. July 4th-8th we will be in Rome, hanging out doing touristy stuff. I want to go on a day trip to Pompeii, the Colosseum, the Vatican museum, and maybe check out a Papal mass- if I'm going to go to my first mass, I want it to be led by the Pope! Then July 8th-July 18th we will be on a cruise around the Mediterranean that stops at Ephesus, Turkey; Croatia; Sicily and Greece (3 days in Greece, including Athens and Olympia). Then back home after the cruise is done.

Did I mention B's parents are farking awesome for taking us on this cruise? We've decided not to go on another honeymoon, since we have to spend a bunch of money on boarding the dog and kitty care for the cruise (but that's our only expense, B's parents are paying the rest!!!), and also we've been living together the past year so we don't need a trip somewhere to get to know each other's bodies or whatever it is honeymoons are for.

Also, B's dad friended me on facebook yesterday. And apparently he has a blog. Did I mention how much I love B's parents?


  1. Have a great time on the cruise! You sure struck lucky with getting cool in-laws :)

  2. Wonderful in-laws are a blessing indeed. You won the lottery there.

  3. A photography professor once told me that you have to get in at about 4 am to do the papal mass. Good luck with that. it is something i would love to do.

  4. You should see the Sistine Chapel. Also, if you're in Rome on a Wednesday, that's when the Pope has his outdoor appearances. (Well, that's what the last pope did, I don't know what day this pope prefers.) I have a picture of me in front of the jumbo-tron showing him (JP II) and I tell people "Here I am with the Pope." I think B's parents are going to have to do some work at their local parish to get you all invited to a Papal mass, they're probably already doing this. (Kind of like you can't do a White House tour now unless your congressman sponsors you.)
    Pompei is really worth seeing, but, I kept looking over my shoulder the entire time I was there at the volcano, hoping it wouldn't erupt again while I was there!

  5. oh, yeah; fem. hygiene waste totally needs to go into a lidded kitchen garbage can and/or out the door ASAP with a dog in the house. I learned this the hard way, too, when I was a teen (I had 3 dogs in the house in which I was raised). For reals, indeed. Barkley's adorable. I'm so glad you're having fun with him.

  6. A cruise. Wow. They are absolutely awesome.

    Oh, and I have to tell you this time with Barkley shall pass. For the most part. LOL.

  7. Luckily our dog is not interested in the bathroom garbage, since the kitty litter is in the bathroom and he knows that's their territory.
    He loves taking things out of the hamper and cuddling with them in his bed, but the good thing about that is you can put his toys in there, and he'll love them even more. (When we got him a new puzzle toy of some squeaky soft balls in a soft box, we didn't think he'd figure out to pull the balls out of the box, but the instructions said to put the balls in your dirty clothes hamper, and sure enough he he figured out the puzzle.)


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