Monday, March 9, 2009

Crafty centerpeices

yesterday me and B went to the craft store to get stuff for the wedding centerpieces that I'm making. I've been collecting mason jars from the thrift store + my MIL's basement, and last week I scored about 7 of the (rarer) blue glass mason jars from the thrift store.

At the craft store we got an assortment of tiny river rocks (varying sizes and colors), a bunch of candles, blue ribbons of varying designs, white ink and stamps.

Our centerpieces are going to be mason jars with a blue ribbon tied around the neck. Inside will be river rocks holding a candle in place. The blue mason jars will be as is, while on the clear mason jars I'll be stamping some designs in white ink (I got a stamp that says "All you need is love" and another one that has swirly designs).

Kinda like this but with river rocks holding the candle in place, and a blue ribbon:

I made a test one last night, and it came out pretty awesome. I'll try to remember to take a picture when I get home tonight.


  1. Very cute centerpieces! I especially like the "all you need is love" one.

  2. These jars are beautiful! I'm so envious you can have candles at your wedding. We're not allowed - the building's too old, or something, and there are about a zillion boring fire regulations :-(

  3. They sound beautiful, have fun making them!!


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