Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ahh! I'm facebook engaged!

annndd...the onslaught begins. B changed our facebook relationship status to be 'engaged' last night, and this morning I accepted it. Now my hippie community is having 'congrats abandoning eden' posts, and random people are calling me, and random people are posting "congrats" and "mazal tov!" on the internet. Including a bunch of super religious people who, I'm sure, have no idea I'm marrying someone not jewish (B's last name is kinda generic jewish sounding).

It took me about 5 seconds after I clicked "accept" to figure out that the word is going to get back to my parents through the jewish grapevine, and if they found out I was engaged without me telling them first, they would be super pissed (as would I, that's not cool even if you like your daughter's choice of husband).

So I just called my parents to tell them about it. I got through to my dad first and told him. The whole thing was super awkward, and I told him if he wants to lie to his friends about B being jewish, he can...ha. Also I commented on how awkward it was. My dad is weird when he is angry or upset...he never yells but he gets super twitchy and upset. The whole time he was being super polite on the phone and at the end he was like "Well thank you for telling me and congratulations on your happy news." Kinda mechanical like, and i can just imagine him twitching all over the place.

I called my mom to tell her and was met with total silence. I was like "So are you going to say anything to that?" and she was all "I have nothing to say, you know how I feel" and then we said goodbye. I have a feeling I won't be talking to her for quite a while.

Well now I have to go to a movie and dinner with B's family and pretend like everything is normal.


  1. Sorry your 'rents couldn't be cool. I just had a fight with my grandmother about my non-Jewish girlfriend.

    At least B looks a little Jewish. I like the "lie to your friends about it" idea.

    In a strange way, facebook has solved some of your problems for you... and created new ones!

  2. Facebook Engagement Congragulations!
    If you get engaged on Facebook, does your fiance just post a ring on Facebook, or do you get a real ring, too?

  3. haha I actually don't want a ring...that's a bit too traditional for me. just a wedding ring will do. :)


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