Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love

for those of you not in the know, is a great place to find handmade unique stuff...and lots of jewelery.

I've been clicking through pictures this morning, dreaming about what I could buy if I actually had, you know, money. And also picking out wedding necklaces, even though I don't have a dress, and still haven't decided what color said dress would be




Anyone of these would make an awesome wedding necklace I think...I like the first one the best, but that's the one I"m least likely to be able to afford. It's great though isn't it? The center of the flowers are all freshwater pearls...


  1. They are ALL beautiful. I like the third one best, but that's just me. Skimp on the dress and buy the jewelry. That's what I say. At least you can wear the jewelry for the rest of your life, while a wedding dress is mostly a one-shot affair.

  2. Have you thought about donating the dress after you've done with it? I thought this was a nice way to offer someone else the happiness that hopefully you will be afforded?

  3. well I'm not actually getting a "wedding dress" per se, I'm getting a nice dress (not white, maybe champagne colored but more likely dark red or dark blue) that I can wear again on fancy I'll be keeping it to wear again :)

  4. #1 or #3. I'm thinking the dress should be in some vintage 1930's style to go with either necklace. Watch some old Jean Harlow or Betty Davis movies for dress inspiration.

  5. Question for AE:

    This is off topic, but I'll post it here so you'll see it. With all the fuss your parents have over you marrying an Italian, I was wondering about your previous engagement. If I recall correctly, your previous engagement was to a convert to Orthodox Judaism. That would imply he wasn't ethnically Jewish and thus susceptible to the same furor regarding your current engagment.

    Could you please explain? I'm just curious about your situation because I've become an avid reader of your blog. Thanks.

  6. question- the comments get emailed to me so I would see them anywhere.

    My ex was a convert to judaism (orthodox convert) and my parents didn't like him either. We dated for 4 years, and for the first 2 or 3 years my parents wouldn't let him in the house- he would come up to the door to get me and my mom would see who it was, leave the door closed, and go see me. My grandmother told me she was praying for me to break up with him so I could find a "real jew". My parents eventually accepted him- actually, after 9/11, they were like "well we realize life is short and family is important" and let him over. They also checked with the rabbi who converted him, and took his documents to their own rabbi, and were generally big dicks about the whole thing.

    Eventually they accepted him (I guess) but when we broke up they told me they were glad we had broken up and that he "wasn't right for me". While I agree they were right on that was not for the reasons they thought.

    In retrospect I bet they wish I was still with him...

  7. ...and what can your parents learn from this story? It can always get worse ;-), so there they are...


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