Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ridiculous ideas for my wedding, part 1

1. For our invitations, have a picture of a flying fish in a veil and a penguin (swimming bird) in a bowtie and tophat and the caption "When birds and fish live together"

2. Instead of a best man or maid of honor, have our tuxedo cat Foo (who we have taken to calling "mr. Foo" since he is so formal) be the "best cat", complete with bowtie and tophat. The best part is that he already has a tuxedo, since he's a tuxedo cat!

mr. foo as an adorable kitten

Hmm, I just noticed both my ideas involve bowties and tophats..

Well, that's all I got for now. Feel free to add some ridiculous wedding ideas!

Also, on the topic of wedding ideas- one of our friends is an artist (my favorite artist in fact, I have 3 framed prints, 1 small original drawing and 2 unframed prints of his work), and has agreed to do a live-painting of our wedding ceremony! (So he will paint the ceremony as it happens). This friend travels around the east coast, live-painting these awesome abstract paintings to live music, incorporating lyrics and stuff, and will be doing something similar for us. Then we get to keep the painting as a wedding memento, and we're going to have all the guests sign it!


  1. We had a medieval & renaissance themed wedding. What that translated to, in practical terms, was your typical Orthodox wedding, with most people dressed in suits but a bunch of our friends dressed in garb, there were cardboard castles on the table, and there were swords for the shtick. I wore a kittel for the ceremony but a doublet for the reception. Oh, and the band (Pey Dalid) were very cool and agreed to wear renaissance shirts, which made my wife very happy.

  2. Oh I know what garb is...I spent many a day at renn faire as a teenager. :)

    I think the theme of our wedding is going to be "stuff our friends are going to do for us that are freakin awesome cause they are freakin awesome themselves ."

    So far we got our live-painter friend live painting us, another friend getting ordained and performing the wedding, and a third friend (who makes cards which involve stamps and other cool stuff) making the invitations. Another friend offered to talk her boyfriend into having his band playing for us, but not sure we want to go that fancy...


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