Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brief Doggy/Life Update

The Basset Hound rescue place we had a phone interview with on Saturday told us to call back on Tuesday night from 6:30-9. Also to try repeatedly if we didn't get through to anyone.

We called back on Tuesday. Repeatedly. No one answered. Left a voicemail and sent an email. No response.

Last night we called again, someone answered (yay!) but she said to call back this weekend (boo!) because her husband had just gotten out of the hospital on Tuesday (which I guess is why no one picked up), and they hadn't had a chance to look over our application yet.

Seriously though, while I appreciate that things like this are out of people's control, how long and hard is the process of adopting a dog? We've been trying for over 3 weeks! If this basset hound thing ends up not working out I think we will take a break from trying to get a dog for a month or two (or possibly until after the wedding), cause this is just too much work and too much disappointment. That would however ruin my devious plan of getting into better shape before the wedding/cruise/pregnancy by taking the dog for a long walk every day.

In other life news, I've decided to audit two courses this semester, since I'm spending an extra year in grad school and I may as well take advantage of the extra time I have as a result. I think I might be taking on too much work, but then again I'm not teaching this semester, and these are both classes I really want to take (and at least one will be really useful for my dissertation). And with auditing I don't have to write papers or take exams, so I get do have all the fun parts of class (learning new and useful skills, reading and discussing books) with none of the time consuming/useless parts.

The two classes I'm auditing are an advanced statistics class on survival analysis, and a feminist theory class. I started the survival analysis class this morning, and it looks to be pretty good. It's mostly stuff I already have taught myself (I use this statistical method in my research a lot), but I think taking a class will help fill in all the gaps in knowledge that occur when you teach something to yourself.

It was kinda sad to go to a stats class without Quiet Girl, since she used to be my stats class buddy back in the day (the last time I took a class, 2 years ago). Instead my super annoying ex-officemate ended up sitting next to me. I gotta start showing up later so that she gets there first and I can find a seat far far away from her.

I'm really excited for feminist theory, which starts Monday. I just spent $200 buying 6 out of the 8 books required for the class (I already had the other 2). They are having a visiting prof teach it and apparently she is big in the feminist theory field. The class is basically going to involve reading a 1 book + several articles each week and then discussing it in class. It's like a book club, but with feminism! Should be fun. And apparently my annoying ex-officemate will NOT be taking it, so it's that much better (something about "too much work"). I'll have to write a one page summary of everything we read, but I'm exempt from exams and all the longer papers, and really- having a one page summary of books I've read can only help me in the long run.

Point is though, I probably will not be updating as much this semester. But then again, maybe I will. I have lots of life-changing events coming up this year, including dogs, weddings, trips to Europe, and soon baby making! It's exciting times!


  1. Three weeks is not at all a long time to try to get a dog. The good things in life are worth waiting and working for. Heck, I've spent more time looking for a pair of shoes that fit. Also remember you have limited yourself to a shelter or rescue dog and a specific breed. This isn't like picking up a gallon of milk at the store.

    I got my dog from a breeder. We visited a few breeders to pick one and let them screen us too, then had to wait for a litter and then wait for the puppy to be weaned. The whole process took about 6 months. It was well worth it.

    BTW - it could be worse. Your daddy could be running for president and you have to wait until after the election and then after moving into the white House till you get your puppy.

  2. I can't help comparing this to my future-ex husband's desire to get a dog last year. None of the shelter places would talk to him because he didn't have a place to live (other than an RV) and he ended up buying a dog from the first person who would sell one to him.
    Read the contract from the shelter thoroughly - I know they'll approve you. The one shelter that he dealt with had a clause in there about providing immediate medical care for the dog, no matter the time of day, no matter what the cost and had another clause about the shelter lady being able to come and inspect the dog any time she wanted to, and a final clause about $2,500 in fines plus court costs if she had to take him to court for breaking the contract.

  3. AE:

    I'll save you the trouble from going to the feminist theory class. Here's the class in a nutshell:

    "I hate penis."

  4. ivy; i can't even begin to tell you how many ways in which you are wrong. For one, I'm a feminist, and I love penis!

  5. My boss was trying from a rescue place and got the run around too. She went to the pound today :)


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