Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good dog update!!

Called on wednesday, they said to call back this weekend.

Called yesterday like 10 times, no one picked up.

Called at around noon today, guy picked up, and made fun of me for calling so many times yesterday...said he was on the phone at the time, but would call me back later.

SEVEN hours later, his wife called me back finally! She kept grilling me with questions about how was I looking for a perfect dog, I have to remember that rescue dogs sometimes have problems adjusting, etc, etc. I was super nervous the whole interview.

But then she said she was going to send me an email about a specific basset mix she has in mind, and asked if I would be able to adopt as early as next weekend!!! So yay!!!


  1. Yay! You seem to have passed the oral interview, now all that SHOULD be left (if they're not jerking you around) is the practical exam - them watching to see how you act with the dog and how it acts with you.
    Oh, plus, you'll have to defend your dissertation for them - you're ready to do that now, right?

  2. This news is long overdue.

    Congrats - hope all goes well.

    Lots of luck.


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