Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding Picnic Menu (For 23 guests including us)

From a really really awesome Italian market that specializes in freakin awesome cheese:

Cheese platter: A selection of our most popular imported cheeses with pepperoni and sopressatta, accompanied by dried & fresh fruits, nuts and one of our famous cheese spreads. All trays include sliced bread & cracker assortment.
Medium $99.99

Signature Bites: An assortment of 5 different petite artisan sandwich rolls presented with Turkey & brie, roast beef & Swiss, tuna salad, tomato & mozzarella, and Italian meat & cheeses “Taste the art of sandwich making” $6.99 per person * 23 people = $161.00

Crudité Platter: Fresh garden vegetables with pesto aioli Medium $54.99

Fresh Fruit Platter: Served with caramel mascarpone fondue Medium $59.99

Chocolate Ganache: A very rich chocolate cake layered And iced with rich chocolate ganache, decorated with delicate Chocolate curls: $25

Strawberry Shortcake: Light Italian cake layered with a blend of real whipped cream and succulent strawberries. Smothered with dollops of real fresh whipped cream and topped with fresh choice strawberries: $25

Total: $426 + $50 delivery and set up fee + taxes (not sure yet) + $100 tip (you still tip 15-20% when there is a delivery fee, right? I mean they have to drive 40 minutes to get there...): ~$600

Total spent on wedding so far (including venue, dress, veil and food): $800

Still need to purchase: White Gold Rings ($600?), Photographer friend(??), Wedding License ($80), Candles($20?), More thrift store plates($20?), cups/drinks($30?), shoes($75?), clothes for B($100?), stamp + cards + stamps + envelopes for the invitations($30?).

Ok maybe my idea of keeping the wedding under $1000 was a little silly, but I bet I can still keep it under $2000!


  1. AE, here's a great l;ink to explain the wedding caterer tipping policy:

    Looks like you should check your contract for language like "service fee" if's already been added to your bill. If not, gives you a percentage (18%i think it was)

  2. WHy not a pot luck picnic?

  3. anon- we thought about that, but the vast majority of our guests are going to be traveling 2 hours or more to be at the wedding (at least a third of our guests are going to be flying in and staying at hotels), so we didn't think it would be fair to ask them to cook too!

  4. Ok maybe my idea of keeping the wedding under $1000 was a little silly, but I bet I can still keep it under $2000!

    Good for you! I can't believe how much a big wedding costs.

  5. White gold rings shouldn't cost that much. I think mine (a bit small, I admit) was less than $100. You may still be in range after all.

  6. moshe- how long ago did you get them? The price of gold is up now... We've been going around to jewelry stores, and $300 seems to be the minimum (the $600 was for two of them).

    If it was recently then where did you get them?

  7. A white gold ring cost me $A500 here last year. About $US300 a piece makes sense. Moshe must have bought his a long time ago when gold was cheaper.

  8. I think you just divulged your fiance's name at the end of this post... Just so you know.

  9. has a nice selection of white 14k gold bands for under $200

  10. has a nice selection of wedding bands.


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