Sunday, June 15, 2008

10 things

I just self tagged myself from Quiet girl's blog

The Rules:
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Random/Strange Facts about me:

1. I haven't had my own car since August of 2000. I am an expert on public transit. Although I have to admit, since B moved in, having a car to use when I want to drive to festivals (instead of begging rides off of random hippies) has been freakin sweet. Festivals are pretty much the only thing I really need a car for at this point.

2. I hate tomatoes. Every time I order something, I specifically ask for no tomatoes. When taco bell used to put tomatoes into my burrito all the time in college when i had a bean burrito for lunch ever day (despite the fact that bean burritos aren't even SUPPOSED to come with tomatoes!) I used to sit there picking out every last tomato. Something about the texture freaks me right the fuck out.

3. In college I ate a taco bell bean burrito every day for lunch, like 4 days each week for 3 years. In my senior year they closed the express taco bell on campus. They cost $1.06.

4. For the first 4 years that I lived on my own, I didn't have any air conditioning. Last summer I finally talked my landlord into installing those air conditioning bars on my living room and back bedroom (now office) windows. I still have no AC in my bedroom.

5. I was supposed to have been the saluditorian at my college graduation, but since I had 12 transfer credits I was disqualified. Even though none of those credits actually counted towards my degree, since I stayed in college for an extra semester. Grrr.

6. My refrigerator broke on friday, and my landlord told me to use a mini fridge from the basement, and that she would 'take care of it' today. It's after 9pm and I haven't heard from her...this mini fridge barely fits my enormous collection of condiments, despite throwing half of them out when transferring them from the broken fridge to the mini fridge (some of the ones that got thrown out were expired and some had gone bad from the fridge being broken). Meanwhile, I am not thrilled about this mini fridge- I can't really cook cause I have nowhere to put my leftovers!

7. When me and B started "dating" we didn't really go on dates. But we did go to the grocery store across the street from his old apartment pretty frequently. Like maybe every other night. We would walk around and buy like 3 things but would look at all the cool things from other countries that they sell in that grocery store. Occasionally we would pick out something slightly odd but not too weird to try- like guava juice or yerba mate

8. I am now addicted to yerba mate, and have been going through withdrawal since it's been too hot to have hot tea in the morning. I made some iced tea with it last week, but then the fridge broke, and now I have no room for it in my new tiny fridge. :(

9. I was the lead in our class play in 4th grade (a social studies play about the different things that states have, like the biggest export and stuff. Everyone was a state or two except me..I was like the narrator position who asked different states' questions), and then captain hook in peter pan in 5th grade. Then in high school I was a reverend in the importance of being Ernest, a lost boy in peter pan, and the mayor of the munchkin city in the wizard of oz. I was also the set designer for peter pan, and made some awesome sets out of foamcoreboard with windows that opened, out of our $150 budget. I tended to play all those male parts because I was pretty tall, and I went to an all girls school so there was no one to play the male parts.

10. I once had dreadlocks for around 9 months, until I felt I had to cut them off for a teaching job (no one told me to cut them off, but I felt like college students just wouldn't respect a white girl with dreadies). This was fairly recently. I have a whole blog post coming on what it's like to walk around with dreadlocks...that was a trip and a half.


  1. Oh, I have the most awful visceral aversion to tomatoes they just...feel so wrong between my teeth. I'll eat tomato sauce, and I like the way they taste, but bitting into one, just...ew. They feel wrong between my teeth. *shudders*

  2. yeah i'll have tomato sauce too, as long as there is no actual pieces of tomato in it :)

    I don't like the raw tomato flavor when the tomato juices gets all over the rest of a burrito/salad/whatever. yuck.

  3. Love the Supreme!

    Last day cleaning up the old place, but we'll be up later this week, at which time I will return your fan, and ahem, pay you back yo money :D (Thanks eh!)

  4. Your dating habits remind me of the TV commercial from Greenwalds.

  5. I hate tomatoes too. Hate them. But I hate a ton of things.

  6. qg- rock on! Me and B will be out of town from friday-sunday though...


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