Thursday, June 5, 2008

New favoritest quote

"My family and I are like oil and water, if oil made water depressed and angry and want to kill itself"
~Shalom Auslander


  1. very funny :D
    I'll call you tomorrow after 1! :)

  2. That quote for him is making him money. For you it can only make you miserable.

  3. Not the best quote I've seen in terms of rhythm or imagery...but still.

    I just read the post below this, and i have friends in similar positions. One friend is Chareidi and the moment he went a little bit "off the derech" (talking to girls and going to a late minyan/davening alone) he found himself kicked out his house and sleeping on my floor. Over a year, this happened around three times for the duration of a week.

    I have another friend who is in a bizarre situation: her parents aren't all that chareidi and yet they force this friend to lead a chareidi life. This particular person was kicked out the house a month ago (during college term time, specifically during the time of exams and such) and was staying at a different friends hosue every few nights. How they managed to get through the exams and get decent grades I'll never know. Their car was also reposessed by the parents. However, they are moving into an apartment with their Significant Other, so the housing problem has been solved.

    My own parents, I've come to learn, are very understanding. They are officially right wing, but seem to understand I am capable of making my own choice in life, as long as I'm not a "bad influence" on my younger siblings. Incidentally, I pay for my own tuition through means of a loan (avec favourable terms for such a poor student as myself) and did so before I "came out" as a doubter to my parents. I do plan to voluntarily leave the nest though, as I feel I'll be able to live my life more how I want it, rather than pretending to keep shabbos etc. for the sake of everyone else.


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