Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 1.5 year anniversary to me and B!

I didn't want to post this in that other more depressing post I just wrote, but as of today me and B have been together for a year and a half! Yay! I've decided you get to celebrate half year anniversary's until you have been together at least 2 or 3 years, so tonight after work we are going to go to red lobster, where I am going to try lobster (and possibly crabs) for the first time. I've been wanting to try lobster for a while, but the prohibitive cost means we had to save it for a special day. And that day is today! yay!


  1. happy anniversary! may you have many many many more. enjoy Red Lobster - i just think of that scene from Flashdance whenever i think of lobster.....

  2. Happy anniversary!

    Eat some lobster for poor, poor Aunt Becky who is allergic (sniff, sniff).

  3. Happy anniversary!

    I guess your blog isn't anonymous anymore.

  4. Aunt Becky- Ohh I wonder if I'll turn out to be allergic to lobster? I've never tried is before, so I have no ieda!

    dys-Well it's anonymous in that my name isn't on it. :) Really, my only reason for anonymity is future-employer-googling, so as long as my name isn't on it I think i'll be good. Maybe just to be sure I'll delete these pictures when I apply to jobs

  5. well, if must be anonymous, i guess onlysimchas is a no go :).

  6. Mazel Tov on your anniversary but I must say that lobster is overrated (IMO). Too much work (and the green stuff is icky, even for an adventurous sort like me.)

    I recommend lobster roll or a lobster stew or lobster pan fry - this way you can get a sense of what's good about lobster without having to deal with what's weird about it.

    Pretty much the same goes for crabs - best bet is crab cakes or soft shell crabs.

    For me though, bacon is the best goyim nachus there is...

  7. hrm, well i've been looking at this menu, and instead of a whole lobster I think I'm going to get this combo platter that comes with lobster tail, snow crab legs, and two kinds of shrimp. And I can get lobster mashed potatoes on the side, so I can try it that way too. :) B is going to get something that we both know I like (like salmon maybe) so that if I hate my food we can switch :)

  8. mazel tov on breaking a three and a half thousand year chain to your people.

  9. Hello. I only just found out that you read my blog, from a comment you left on Ms. Moon's blog. And, you've made me a link, too! Wow, I'm flattered.
    I have read your blog before - either as a link on QG's blog or Ample's - can't remember which. Are you related to QG through her husand?
    Well, anyway, hello again. Enjoy the lobster. The tail is the best part - just get two lobster tails and tell the waiter to keep the rest of the animal!

  10. Mazel Tov. I wish you happiness and health! You two look great together!

    Enjoy the lobster and crab. Please report back on the experience.

  11. Hmmm...I shouldn't say this in a public place but I lost my virginity to the first man who bought me lobster.
    And that wasn't the entire reason but it was part of it.

  12. candy man- you should see the insanely cute pictures that me and B just took :) I might post them tomorrow in fact :)

    my other blog- It's from quietgirl's blog, we go to grad school together :) (I just saw her like 20 minutes ago actually)


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