Sunday, June 8, 2008

New direction

I'm taking this blog to a new place. I was looking over some recent posts, and man, is this thing depressing. I'm not actually a depressed person (although I play one on the internets), I just happen to always write in this blog (rather than my other more general "stuff going on in my life" blog) whenever I'm down and thinking about religion. And thinking about religion brings me down. And then when I'm down, I think more about things that bring me down, such as religion.

It's a self perpetuating cycle of sad blog posts.

But I'm turning things around! No longer will all my blog posts be about how my parents make me sad. This blog is called "leaving orthodox judaism, and what came after." Well, what came after isn't all depression and stupid family and being cast out. What came after is wonderful and free and freaking awesome.

I'm not going to stop blogging about the crazy things my parents do. But I'm going to expand the borders a little bit. Maybe I'll start talking more about my relationship. Maybe even about my career once in a while. Maybe I'll just post a bunch of pictures of food I make and B sleeping with cats. Who knows? But I'm tired of defining this blog as my "sad jew blog" and tired of defining myself as a ex-jew/jew skeptic. I mean, I am that, but I'm so much more!




  1. Awesome! Totally down with that! And I will also make a (self-fulfilling?) prediction that your blog design will change to look a little happier and more "you" too :)

    And I'm sorry I haven't sent the pics. I'll totally do that!

    Thanks again! ;)

  2. Cheer up former Jew! The world awaits!

  3. I think it's understood that many blogs, especially ones about personal topics, tend to be cathartic. I don't think anyone thinks that your blog personality is your real-life one. But in any case, looking forward to seeing the food & cats!


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